Douglas, Hume, Bouchard, Patrice, Anderson, Robert S., Tonnancour, Pierre de, Vigneault, Robert & Webster, Reginald P., 2013, New Curculionoidea (Coleoptera) records for Canada

Douglas, Hume, Bouchard, Patrice, Anderson, Robert S., Tonnancour, Pierre de, Vigneault, Robert & Webster, Reginald P., 2013, New Curculionoidea (Coleoptera) records for Canada, ZooKeys 309, pp. 13-48

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Allandrus populi   new to New Brunswick  15
Euparius paganus     15
Gonotropis dorsalis   new to New Brunswick  16
Trigonorhinus tomentosus subsp. tomentosus   new to Quebec  16
Trigonorhinus alternatus   new to Quebec  16
Eusphyrus walshii     17
Euxenus punctatus   new to New Brunswick  17
Loborhynchapion cyanitinctum     17
Stenopterapion meliloti   new to Canada  18
Ischnopterapion (Ischnopterapion) loti   new to Canada  18
Trichapion nigrum   new to Ontario and Quebec  18
Trichapion porcatum   new to Quebec  18-19
Sphenophorus incongruus   new to Quebec  19
Nanophyes marmoratus subsp. marmoratus   new to Ontario and Quebec  19
Lissorhoptrus oryzophilus   new to Quebec  20
Anthonomus rufipes   new to Quebec  20
Pseudanthonomus seriesetosus   new to New Brunswick  21
Anthonomus suturalis   new to Quebec  21
Anthonomus tectus   new to Alberta  21
Mecinus janthinus   new to Quebec  22-23
Cionus scrophulariae   new to Canada  22
Curculio pardalis   new to Quebec  22
Curculio sulcatulus   new to New Brunswick  22
Rhinusa neta   new to Quebec  23
Orchestes alni   new to Ontario and Quebec  23
Promecotarsus densus   new to Alberta  23
Lignyodes horridulus   new to New Brunswick  24
Lignyodes bischoffi   new to New Brunswick  24
Smicronyx lineolatus   new to Canada  24
Smicronyx griseus   new to Canada  24
Tychius liljebladi   new to Quebec  24-25
Barinus cribricollis   new to Canada  25
Pnigodes setosus   new to Canada  25
Sibariops confinis   new to Canada  25
Cosmobaris scolopacea   new to Manitoba  26
Sibariops confusus   new to Canada  26
Trichobaris trinotata   new to Quebec  26
Ampeloglypter ampelopsis   new to Quebec  26
Dietzella zimmermanni   new to New Brunswick  27
Ceutorhynchus hamiltoni   new to Quebec  27
Microplontus campestris   new to Quebec  27
Desmoglyptus crenatus   new to Canada  27
Pelenomus squamosus   new to New Brunswick  28
Asperosoma echinatum   new to Ontario  28-29
Parenthis vestitus   new to New Brunswick  28
Cylindrocopturus furnissi   new to Canada  30
Cylindrocopturus quercus   new to Canada  30
Caulophilus dubius   new to Canada  30-31
Psomus armatus   new to New Brunswick  30
Rhyncolus macrops   new to New Brunswick  31
Rhyncolus knowltoni   new to Alberta, and Saskatchewan  31
Pseudopentarthrum parvicollis   new to Canada  31
Acalles carinatus   new to Quebec  32
Cryptorhynchus tristis   new to Canada  32
Tyloderma foveolatum   new to Manitoba  32
Listronotus maculicollis   new to Manitoba  32
Listronotus punctiger   new to Manitoba  33
Atrichonotus taeniatulus   new to Canada  33
Otiorhynchus ligustici   new to Quebec  33
Cyrtepistomus castaneus   new to Quebec  33
Magdalis salicis   new to New Brunswick  34
Magdalis inconspicua   new to New Brunswick  34
Larinus planus   new to Quebec  34
Microhyus setiger   new to Quebec  35
Dryocoetes autographus   new to Nova Scotia  35
Hylastes macer   new to Alberta  36
Hylastes opacus     36
Lymantor alaskanus   new to Canada  36
Dryocoetes caryi   new to Prince Edward Island  36
Tomicus piniperda     37
Dendroctonus ponderosae   new to Alberta  37
Dendroctonus simplex     37
Hylocurus rudis   new to Canada  38
Ips perroti   new to Nova Scotia  38
Pseudothysanoes rigidus   new data on first Ontario record  38-39
Micracis suturalis   new to Ontario  38
Phloeosinus pini   new to Ontario  39
Phloeotribus liminaris   new to Saskatchewan  39
Phloeotribus scabricollis   new to Canada  39
Phloetribus piceae   new to Yukon  39
Scolytus schevyrewi     40-41
Scolytus piceae   new to Newfoundland  40
Scolytus rugulosus   new data on first Canadian record  40
Scolytus multistriatus   new data on first Alberta record  40
Scolytus oregoni   new to Canada  40
Xyleborinus attenuatus     41
Euwallacea validus   new to Canada  41
Xylosandrus germanus   new data on first Quebec record  42-43
Xyleborus ferrugineus   new to Canada  42
Xylosandrus crassiusculus   new to Canada  42
Xyleborus affinis   new to Quebec  42
Xyleborus celsus   new to Canada  42