Zodarion geshur, Levy, Gershom, 2007

Levy, Gershom, 2007, Calommata (Atypidae) and new spider species (Araneae) from Israel, Zootaxa 1551, pp. 1-30: 13-15

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.178107

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Zodarion geshur

n. sp.

Zodarion geshur   n. sp.

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Holotype. adult male from Geshur   (754049 / 627231; 360 m.), southern Golan Heights, Israel, leg. Rakefet Sharon, May 1996 ( HUJ 15215 View Materials ), pitfall trap; female paratype with same data.

Etymology. The specific name is a noun in apposition referring to the type locality.

Description. Prosoma brown except for black patch surrounding AME. Legs brown. Opisthosoma in male dorsally entirely covered by black, glossy scutum. Opisthosoma in female black with normal integument. Row of modified bristles on venter in front of spinnerets, present in both sexes.

Male. Measurements (holotype + 3 ɗɗ; holotype listed first): total length 1.75, 1.68–1.70; carapace length 0.95, 0.88–0.90, width 0.66, 0.62–0.66, index 1.44, 1.42–1.45; clypeal index 3.6, 3.75 –4.0; leg lengths: I 2.36, 2.30–2.42, II 2.06, 1.90–2.15, III 1.97, 1.84–1.99; IV 2.84, 2.80–3.04; patella-tibia index 0.80, 0.83–0.88.

Palpus. Large, disproportional bulb detaches very easily from delicate palpal segments. Flat, blunt embolus extends apically above hooked tegular apophysis ( Figs. 33–35 View FIGURES 33 – 35 ). Tibia bears two laterally inclined apophyses ( Figs. 34, 35 View FIGURES 33 – 35 ).

Female. Measurements (7 ΨΨ): total length 1.85–2.17; carapace length 0.85–1.02, width 0.58–0.70, index 1.36–1.53; clypeal index 5.0– 6.67; leg lengths: I 2.07–2.42, II 1.83–1.97, III 1.85–2.08, IV 2.72–3.30; patellatibia index 0.76–0.85.

Epigynum   . Yellow, relatively large plate, deeply notched at middle, covers partly discerning inner spermathecae ( Fig. 36 View FIGURES 36, 37 ). Brown, opaque, kidney-shaped spermathecae extend into transparent, looped ducts ( Fig. 37 View FIGURES 36, 37 ).

Diagnosis. The rather small male of Zodarion geshur   n. sp. with the disproportional large palpal bulbs slightly resembles Z. graecum (C.L. Koch)   reported from Israel ( Levy 1992, figs. 90–92) but it differs, also from all other Zodarion   species, by the shape of the flattened embolus, and the small hooked tegular apophysis combined with the peculiar tibial apophyses. The shape of the large, notched epigynal plate of the female along with the shape of the spermathecae distinguish the female from all other Zodarion   species.

Distribution. Israel: Golan Heights. Records: Geshur   , Ramat Magshimim (762905 / 634421).

Comment. Adult males were collected in May and June, and females in July and August, all by using pitfall traps.


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