Turritopsis nutricula McCrady, 1859, McCrady, 1859

Galea, Horia R., 2013, New additions to the shallow-water hydroids (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa) of the French Lesser Antilles: Martinique, Zootaxa 3686 (1), pp. 1-50: 6

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Turritopsis nutricula McCrady, 1859


Turritopsis nutricula McCrady, 1859  

(Fig. 2 J)

Material examined. Stn. 3, 19.ii.2012, 10– 15m, M 225: fertile colony, with stems up to 3 cm high, on sponge and worm tubes (MHNG-INVE- 82910). Stn. 6, 18.i.2012, 15– 18 m, M006: fertile colony, with stems up to 3 cm high, epizoic on Pennaria disticha (Goldfuss, 1820)   (MHNG-INVE- 82909).

Remarks. Only small, stolonal material was reported earlier from Guadeloupe ( Galea 2010 a), but more characteristic bushy, polysiphonic, fertile colonies occur in the present collection from Martinique. Migotto (1996) provided a redescription of this species. Additional notes, especially on the medusa stage, are found in Schuchert (2004).

Geographical distribution. Western Atlantic, from Bermuda ( Calder 1988) to Brazil ( Migotto 1996). The Caribbean records are summarized by Calder & Kirkendale (2005).