Molopopterus ugandica Cao & Dietrich,

Cao, Yanghui, Dietrich, Christopher H., Dmitriev, Dmitry A. & Zhang, Yalin, 2020, Taxonomic study of some Afrotropical erythroneurine leafhoppers (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Typhlocybinae), Zootaxa 4860 (3), pp. 301-351: 331-335

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Molopopterus ugandica Cao & Dietrich

sp. nov.

4. Molopopterus ugandica Cao & Dietrich  sp. nov.

( Figs 17View FIGURE 17, 26View FIGURE 26 u–x)

Description. Body dark lemon yellow (specimen preserved in ethanol before examination). Vertex with semicircular median area dark brown; eyes grey; anteclypeus slightly infuscated; pronotum with short medial band on anterior margin, midline and long band near posterior margin dark brown; mesonotum and brochosome area of forewing black. ( Figs 26View FIGURE 26 u–x)

Male abdominal apodemes 2S ( Fig. 17aView FIGURE 17) extended to middle of sternite IV, apodemes 3T ( Fig. 17bView FIGURE 17) broad but short, not reaching hind margin of sternite III.

Pygofer lobe ( Fig. 17cView FIGURE 17) long, apex somewhat blunt, without microsetae on distal half. Subgenital plate ( Figs 17c, eView FIGURE 17) with about 2 macrosetae, with group of thickened microsetae on subbasal angle and continued with irregular rows of rigid microsetae to apex. Style ( Fig. 17fView FIGURE 17) with foot-like apex short and region between it and middle part long, preapical lobe relatively small, with row of sensory setae on preapical lobe. Connective ( Fig. 17gView FIGURE 17) with manubrium relatively broad.Aedeagal shaft ( Figs 17h, iView FIGURE 17) thin and relatively long, slightly arcuate, without process, atrium almost as long as shaft, dorsal apodeme closely appressed to preatrium; gonopore terminal on dorsal side.

Measurement. Male length 3.60mm.

Material examined. Holotype: ♂, UGANDA, Kibale National Park, Kanyawara, Makerere University Biolog- ical Field Station , 1484m, 0º34.405'N, 30º21.646'E, 02–12.viii.2005, Malaise trap, primary mid-altitude Rainforest, near stream, coll. S.van Noort (IMC).GoogleMaps 

Etymology. The new species is named for the type locality, Uganda.

Diagnosis. This species is very similar to M. delta Dworakowska, 1973  , but the pygofer lobe is longer, the footlike apex of the style is shorter, the connective is narrower and the aedeagal shaft is curved.