Glaberana acuta, Meshram, 2019

Meshram, Naresh M., 2019, Leafhopper tribe Coelidiini (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Coelidiinae) of the Indian subcontinent, Zootaxa 4653 (1), pp. 1-91: 15-16

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Glaberana acuta

sp. nov.

Glaberana acuta   sp. nov.

Figs. 1 M View FIGURES 1 , 4 M View FIGURES 4 , 7 M View FIGURES 7 , 25 View FIGURES 25 A–H.

Male. Head ochraceous, frontoclypeus and clypellus dark brown but paler dorsally and along frontolateral suture, lora and genae ochraceous. Eyes dark brown, ocelli black. Thorax and forewing brown, veins brown, interrupted by dark brown spots, basal 1/3 of costal margin, one spot on pronotum on lateral extremity, dark brown. Apices of hind tibiae and tarsi dark brown ( Figs. 1 M View FIGURES 1 , 4 M View FIGURES 4 , 7 M View FIGURES 7 ).

Male genitalia. Pygofer in lateral view broad anteriorly and narrowed posteriorly, with caudodorsal process blade-like, slightly curved, tapering to acute apex, margin widely crenulate, with one basal tooth on lateral margin ( Figs. 25 View FIGURES 25 F–H). Subgenital plate, long, narrow, with apical spine preceeded by serrate outer margin in apical 1/5 ( Fig. 25 C View FIGURES 25 ). Style broad at base, apophysis narrowed apically ( Fig. 25 D View FIGURES 25 ). Connective as wide as long with prominent median ledge along entire length ( Fig. 25 E View FIGURES 25 ). Aedeagus dorsally curved in distal ¼, in dorsal view, slightly sinuate near midlength, gonopore subapical on lateral margin ( Figs. 25 View FIGURES 25 A–B).

Measurements. Male 6.7−6.9 mm long, 1.7 mm wide across eyes and 1.9 mm wide across posterolateral angles of pronotum.

Material examined. HOLOTYPE ♂, INDIA: Meghalaya: Umroi , 20.vii.2011, Net sweeping, N. M. Meshram ( NPC)   . PARATYPES 1 ♂, INDIA: Meghalaya: Ri-Bhoi, ICAR RC NEH, Umiam , 1031m, 25º41’ N 91º55’ E,, Vinayaka, T., sweep net GoogleMaps   ; 1 ♂, same data except 25.x.2013, C.A. Viraktamath GoogleMaps   ; 1 ♂, Mizoram: Lunglei , 22xi.1981, C.S. Wesley ( UASB)   . Other material: INDIA: Manipur, 2 ♂, Senapati, Sjang, Monjang, 1053m, 24 o 58’ N 94 o 08’ E, 28.ix.2013, Yeshwanth, H.M. (UASB).

Etymology. The species name is descriptive for the pointed caudodorsal process of the pygofer.

Remarks. G. acuta   resembles G. khasiensis (Rao)   in general habitus and in the structure of male genitalia. It differs from G. khasiensis   in having a more acute caudodorsal process of the pygofer. Specimens from Manipur have the pygofer process slightly asymmetrically developed, one being longer and serrated and the other typical.


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