Nacella mytilina (Helbling, 1779)

Rosenfeld, Sebastian, Aldea, Cristian, Mansilla, Andres, Marambio, Johanna & Ojeda, Jaime, 2015, Richness, systematics, and distribution of molluscs associated with the macroalga Gigartina skottsbergii in the Strait of Magellan, Chile: A biogeographic affinity study, ZooKeys 519, pp. 49-100 : 58-59

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Nacella mytilina (Helbling, 1779)


Nacella mytilina (Helbling, 1779) Fig. 4E-F

Material examined.

1 spm (26 × 18 × 10 mm).


See Valdovinos and Rüth (2005).


This species was recorded as a junior synonym of Nacella kerguelensis by Cantera and Arnaud (1985). Nevertheless, Valdovinos and Rüth (2005) commented that morphologically Nacella mytilina is clearly different from the rest of the species. The molecular study carried out by Gonzalez-Wevar et al. (2010) backed the establishment of Nacella mytilina and Nacella kerguelensis as different species. Nacella mytilina is a common component of the epibiontic community associated with Macrocystis pyrifera kelp forests of the Magellan Region ( Reid and Osorio 2000). In this study, it was found inhabiting the fronds of Gigartina skottsbergii .


Magellanic: Estero Elefantes ( Reid and Osorio 2000), Carlos Island in Puerto Edén ( Dell 1971), and Guarello Island ( Valdovinos and Rüth 2005); Strait of Magellan ( Tryon and Pilsbry 1891): Punta Arenas ( Valdovinos and Rüth 2005), Punta Chilota ( Valdovinos and Rüth 2005), Punta Santa Ana ( Gónzalez-Wevar et al. 2010), Punta Santa María (this record), Dawson Island ( Valdovinos and Rüth 2005, USNM 2010), Magdalena Island ( Pelseneer 1903), Carlos III Island ( Gónzalez-Wevar et al. 2010, Aldea et al. 2011a), Puerto Hope ( Pelseneer 1903), and McClelland River in Tierra del Fuego ( Smith 1905); London Island ( Pelseneer 1903), Beagle Channel ( Pelseneer 1903), Puerto Williams ( Dell 1971), Puerto Róbalo ( Dell 1971), Puerto Harberton, Bertrand Island ( Dell 1971), Puerto Deseado ( Aranzamendi et al. 2009), and Staten Island ( Pelseneer 1903, USNM 2010). WTSA: from 39°S toward south ( Carcelles 1950). SO: Kerguelen Islands ( Smith 1879, Tryon and Pilsbry 1891, Thiele 1912, Troncoso et al. 2001).