Dugesia etrusca monoadenodactyla Lepori, 1947

Stocchino, Giacinta Angela, 2018, 80 years of research on planarians (Platyhelminthes, Tricladida) from Sardinia, Italy: an annotated checklist, Zootaxa 4532 (4), pp. 539-552: 540

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Dugesia etrusca monoadenodactyla Lepori, 1947


Dugesia etrusca monoadenodactyla Lepori, 1947  

Dugesia etrusca monoadenodactyla   is present with a few sexual populations on the Molara Islet (springs and unnamed rivulets) in the north-east of Sardinia within a Protected Area ( Fig. 1 View FIGURE 1 ).

Specimens were first considered by Benazzi (1969) to belong to D. benazzii   with a chromosome complement of 2n = 16; n = 8. Later, Pala et al. (1980a) performed a morphological analysis and assigned the animals to D. etrusca monoadenodactyla   , a species previously reported only from Tuscany, thus supporting the ancient connections between Sardinia and Tuscany through the Tuscany Archipelago and Corsica during Quaternary glacial periods.