Zagrammosoma multilineatum (Ashmead)

Perry, Ryan K. & Heraty, John M., 2021, Read between the lineata: A revision of the tattooed wasps, Zagrammosoma Ashmead (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae), with descriptions of eleven new species, Zootaxa 4916 (1), pp. 1-108 : 77-79

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Zagrammosoma multilineatum (Ashmead)


Zagrammosoma multilineatum (Ashmead)

( Fig. 34 View FIGURE 34 )

Hippocephalus multilineatus Ashmead, 1888 : vii. Holotype ♀ [examined]. Locality: USA, Kansas, Riley Co., coll. C. Marlatt, host: Phyllonorycter ornatella ( Lepidoptera : Gracillariidae ). Depository: USNM type no. 27286.

Zagrammosoma multilineatum ; combination by Ashmead, 1904: 354. Preoccupied by Hippocephalus Swainson, 1839 (synonym of Percis Scopoli, 1777 , Scorpaeniformes : Agonidae ).

Zagrammosoma multilineata punicea Girault, 1911: 123 . Subspecies lectotype designation by Frison, 1927: 221. Lectotype locality: Washington D.C., USA. Lectotype depository: INHS type no. 44,261. Synonymy by Burks, 1979: 985.

Zagrammosoma multilineatum puniceum ; justified emendation by Peck, 1951: 460.

Zagrammosoma multilineatum multilineatum ( Ashmead, 1888) . Subspecies designation by Peck, 1963: 189.

Zagrammosoma multilineatus multilineatus ; incorrect spelling by Pottinger & Le Roux, 1971: 437.

Cirrospilus multilineatus ; combination by Kerrich, 1969: 198.

Cirrospilus (Zagrammosoma) multilineatum ; unjustified use of subgenus designation by DeSantis, 1979: 261.

Zagrammosoma zebralineata De Santis, 1983: 10 . Holotype ♀ [examined]. Locality: Colombia, Pradera, coll. E. Flores, 1982. Depository: MLPA. Synonymy by Evans, 1999: 452.

Diagnosis. Zagrammosoma multilineatum possesses dark stripes or bands that extend from the posterior margin of the pronotum to the notaulus ( Fig. 34D View FIGURE 34 ), a character not found in other species of Zagrammosoma . The remaining body and wing patterns are similar to several species, however, the dark stripe between the notaulus and pronotum is absent in Z. interlineatum ( Fig. 23D, E View FIGURE 23 ) and does not fully extend to the notaulus in Z. americanum ( Fig. 4D, E View FIGURE 4 ) and Z. galapagoense ( Fig. 18D, E View FIGURE 18 ). The gaster color patterns are different in Z. crowei ( Fig. 12 View FIGURE 12 ) and Z. interlineatum ( Fig. 23 View FIGURE 23 ). The second funicular is subequal in Z. deliae , as opposed to longer than wide in Z. multilineatum . There is no median stripe on the lower face in Z. interlineatum ( Fig. 23A View FIGURE 23 ), whereas this stripe is present in Z. multilineatum ( Fig. 34A View FIGURE 34 ).

Description. Female - body length 1.4–1.98 mm. Metallic luster on body absent. Scape yellow with black stripe dorsally. Lower face with median stripe present. Vertex with 2 stripes above compound eye. Gena posteriorly with dark stripes below compound eye. Occiput yellow with 2 dark, vertical stripes. Pronotum with median stripe complete; laterally with 2 black stripes. Prepectus yellow with dark stripe along dorsal margin. Mesoscutum with median stripe complete. Mesoscutellum yellow with three dark stripes. Propodeum yellow with black median carina, anterior and posterior margins, and diagonal line connecting anterior and posterior margins. Procoxa and mesocoxa yellow. Metacoxa yellow with black stripe basally. Profemur and mesofemur yellow. Metafemur with interrupted or uninterrupted stripe dorsally. Fore wing: basal band absent; cubital band present; parastigmal, stigmal, and postmarginal bands present, with perpendicular extension greater than that of stigmal apex; connection from stigmal band to postmarginal band absent. Hind wing hyaline. Gaster yellow with dark transverse stripes and median stripe that bifurcates posteriorly on Gt 1.

Upper ocular sulcus present. Pedicel longer than wide. Funiculars symmetrical: first longer than wide (w:l = 0.51–0.66); second longer than wide (w:l = 0.64–0.89).

Pronotum, in dorsal view, bell-shaped (w:l = 1.07–1.45) 3–4 pairs of setae along posterior margin. Mesoscutum reticulate; small, scattered setae present; intermediate setae absent. Mesoscutellum subequal or wider than long (w: l = 1.0–1.13); submedian grooves absent or present, but faint and shallow. Hind tibial spur distinctly shorter than basitarsus. Hind basitarsus subequal or shorter than second tarsomere (bst:2 nd = 0.83–1.0).

Fore wing l:w = 2.25–2.71. Submarginal vein with 5–6 setae dorsally. Basal fold setose. Cubital fold setose. Admarginal setae present. Uncus shifted basally more than length of uncus.

Male - as female, except: body length 0.82–1.25 mm; metafemur yellow or yellow with interrupted or uninterrupted stripe dorsally; cubital band absent or present; gaster completely yellow or yellow with dark median stripe and transverse stripe on posterior margin of Gt 5.

Remarks. No other species has been as difficult to define as Z. multilineatum , as the color patterns on the body and wings can be similar to many species. Extensive examination of loaned material revealed Z. multilineatum as the dumping ground for the genus, and at least six unique species have been identified from specimens identified as Z. multilineatum ( Z. americanum , Z. deliae , Z. galapagoense , Z. interlineatum , Z. intermedium , Z. talitzkii ). Published records of Z. multilineatum are difficult to verify without direct examination of the specimens used in published papers, and therefore, I have not included additional host and locality records of specimens for species that I have not personally examined.

I have digitally examined the holotype of Z. zebralineatum and specimens collected by E. Flores from the same location and same host, coffee leaf miner ( Leucoptera coffeella ), and agree with the synonymy ( Evans, 1999).

Hosts. Reared from a large number of coleopteran, dipteran, and lepidopteran leaf miners. See Table 3 for a full list of hosts. Coleoptera : Buprestidae . Diptera : Agromyzidae . Hymenoptera : Tenthredinidae . Lepidoptera : Bucculatricidae , Gelechiidae , Gracillariidae , Lyonetiidae , Pyralidae , Tischeriidae .

Distribution. Nearctic: Canada (BC), USA (AZ, CA, IA, KS, LA, MA, MD, MO, NC, NJ, NM, PA, SD, TN, TX, VA, VI). Neotropical: Bahamas, Jamaica, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador (Galapagos), El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Venezuela ( Fig. 35 View FIGURE 35 ).

Etymology. Multilineatum is taken from Latin meaning having many lines.

Type material examined. Paratype: same as holotype [1♀, USNM: UCRCENT425376 View Materials ] .

Additional material examined: BAHAMAS: Eleuthera: Rainbow Bay, 23m, 25°20’31”N, 76°27’1”W, 11.xi–19.xii.1986, J. R. Wiley, malaise [1♀, CNC: CNC 508660 (D5890)]. Exuma: Simon’s Point, 7m, 23°31’52”N, 75°47’49”W, 15–20.v.1986, T.L. McCabe [1♀, CNC: CNC 508842]. Grand Bahama Island: Freeport, Xanadu Beach, 26°29’35”N, 78°42’10”W, 16.x.1982, D. M. LaSalle, sand dunes [1♀, ANIC: UCRCENT238603]. CANADA: British Columbia: Chase, Adams Rd, 388m, 50°55’18”N, 119°37’45”W, 12.vii.1986, H. Goulet, car-net [1♀, CNC: CNC 508879]. COLOMBIA: Caldas: Naranjal, 1400m, 4°58’14”N, 75°39’4”W, 15.viii.1994, C. Lopez-Vaamonde, host: Leucoptera coffeella [1♁ 3♀, ANIC: UCRCENT238679–82]. Valle del Cauca: Palmira, 1015m, 3°30’31”N, 76°19’11”W, 15.ix.1975, A. Saldarriaga, host: Scrobipalpula sp., host plant: Solanum saponaceum (now bonariense?) [1♀, USNM: UCRCENT425392]. Valle Pradera, 1300m, 3°25’3”N, 76°11’36”W, 1981, E. Florez, #8106, host: Leucoptera coffeella , host plant: Coffee [4♁ 2♀, UCRC: UCRCENT414310, 499011–15]. Valle Pradera, 1982, E. Florez, host: Leucoptera coffeella , host plant: Coffee [MLPA-holotype of Z. zebralineatum ]. COSTA RICA: Guanacaste: Area de Conservación Guanacaste, Murcielago, 75m, 10°56’28”N, 85°40’52”W, 24.i–4.ii.1996, J. Ugalde, malaise trap [1♀, ANIC: UCRCENT238683]. PN Santa Rosa, Sector Murcielago, Playa Blanca, 10m, 10°56’0”N, 85°51’0”W, 21.xi.2007, J. S. Noyes [1♁, BMNH: NHMUK10734428]. Santa Rosa NP, 300m, 10°53’33”N, 85°46’0”W, 2.iii.1986 – 23.iii.1986, D. H. Janzen, SE-8-C [1♁, USNM: UCRCENT425375]. Santa Rosa NP Hacienda (2C), 300m, 10°53’33”N, 85°45’59”W, 21.ii–14.iii.1987, D. Janzen, I. Gauld [1♀, BMNH: NHMUK10734425 (D5329)]. ECUADOR: Galapagos: Española Island, North Playa, 5–20m, 1°20’57”S, 89°41’51”W, 27.iv.1991, J. Heraty, arid zone, H91-002 [1♁ 9♀, UCRC: UCRCENT436418–436427]. Genovesa Island, Bahia Darwin, 20m, 0°19’8”N, 89°56’55”W, 10–27.iii.1992, S. Peck, Bursera forest, FIT, 92-14 [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT410517]. Isabela Island, Alcedo, NE Playa, 0m, 0°20’40”S, 91°02’50”W,, J. Heraty, arid ravine, H91-120b [2♀, UCRC: UCRCENT491727, 491728]. Marchena Island, Punta Espejo, 0°18’54”N, 90°24’33”W, 11–24.iii.1992, S. Peck, 92-19 [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT410522]. Pinzon Island, 2.5 km W. Pl. Escondida (5km on label), 280m, 0°36’14”S, 90°40’13”W,, J. Heraty, arid forest, H91-101 [3♀, UCRC: UCRCENT491724–26]. Santa Cruz Island, 1.5 km N. Bellavista, 280m, 0°40’55”S, 90°19’25”W, 1.vii.1991, J. Heraty,agricultural, H91-124 [1♀, UCRC:UCRCENT491721]. 13 km N. Santa Rosa, 300m, 0°34’6”S, 90°20’43”W, 1–30.iv.1992, S. Peck, arid zone, Bursera forest, FIT, 92-81 [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT410519]. 6 km N. Los Gemelos, 300m, 0°34’37”S, 90°20’42”W, 17.v.1991, J. Heraty, low transition, H91-039 [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT491722]. Santiago Island, 12 km E. Playa Espumilla, 725m, 0°13’54”S, 90°46’3”W,, J. Heraty, elfin forest, H91- 078 [1♁ 1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT491714, 491715]. EL SALVADOR: San Salvador, 690m, 13°42’29”N, 89°12’25”W, 18.v.1953, P.A. Berry, host: Leucoptera coffeella [2♀, USNM: UCRCENT425413, 425414]. GUATEMALA: West Guatemala, 460m, 14°33’2”N, 91°26’10”W, G. Manglitz, (Could be anywhere in “West Guatelama”), 51-6316, host: Leucoptera coffeella [6♁ 7♀, USNM: UCRCENT425379–91]. Retalhuleu: San Sebastian, 312m, 14°33’38”N, 91°39’12”W, ii–iii.1951, Oakley-Roberts, 51-2862, host: Leucoptera coffeella , host plant: Coffee [1♀, USNM: UCRCENT425416]. HAITI: 18°35’52”N, 72°11’45”W, 14.ii.1936, F. Sein Jr., Det. Lot No. 36- 4880, host: Leucoptera coffeella [2♁ 8♀, USNM: UCRCENT425402–10, 425412]. HONDURAS: Atlantida Dept.: La Ceiba, 15°46’7”N, 86°47’32”W,, R. Cave, host: Gracillaridae , host plant: Gliricidia sepium [1♀, ANIC: UCRCENT238605]. JAMAICA: Saint Andrew Parish: College Common, 173m, 17°59’54”N, 76°44’53”W, 1984, CIBC Trinidad Lot 5, CIE A16067 View Materials , host: Leucoptera coffeella [1♀, BMNH: NHMUK10370145]. MEXICO: Baja California Sur: Las Barracas, 975m, 23°28’25”N, 109°27’8”W: 15.iv.1984, P. DeBach, Pan trap [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT499001]; 17.iv.1985, P. DeBach, Pan trap [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT499004]; 20.v.1985, P. DeBach, Pan trap[1♀, UCRC:UCRCENT499002]; 29.iv.1985,P.DeBach,Pan trap[1♁, UCRC:UCRCENT499003]. San Dionisio, 484m, 23°33’22”N, 109°51’43”W, 8.iv.1984, P. DeBach [1♁, UCRC: UCRCENT499005]. Chiapas: Cacahuatan (Finca El Encanto), 500m, 14°59’45”N, 92°10’2”W, 28.iii.2005, J. R. Lomeli [2?, TAMU: UCRCENT426752, 426753]. Manuel Lazos (Finca La Gloria), 390m, 14°58’9”N, 92°11’16”W, 30.iii.2004, J. R. Lomeli [3?, TAMU: UCRCENT426754–426756]. Tapachula (INIFAP), 971m, 14°53’57”N, 92°15’15”W, 6. iv.2005, J. R. Lomeli [1?, TAMU: UCRCENT426758]. Colima: Colima, 505m, 19°14’43”N, 103°43’19”W, 31.i.1995, G. Gutierrez [1♁ 1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT499009, 499010]. Coquimatlán, 19°12’12”N, 103°48’30”W, 21.i.1994, M. Perales [1♁ 1♀ 1?, UCRC: UCRCENT499006–08]. Guerrero: Taxco, 18°33’17”N, 99°36’21”W, host: Leucoptera coffeella [1♀, USNM: UCRCENT425411]. Nuevo Leon: Mun. Guadalupe, Rincon de la Sierra, 552m, 25°38’4”N, 100°11’59”W, 11.vii.1983, A. Gonzalez H. [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT498892]. Oaxaca: 5 mi. SW Oaxaca, 16°58’28”N, 96°44’59”W, R. Anderson [1♀, CNC: CNC 508656 (D5886)]. Quintana Roo: Kohunlich Ruins 30 mi. E. Chetumal, 18°25’10”N, 88°47’30”W, 15.vii.1983, R. Anderson [1♁, CNC: CNC 508876]. Xel-Há Resort, 20°19’10”N, 87°21’28”W, 7.xii.1993, L. Masner, trail in coastal forest, swp [2♀, CNC: CNC 508662 (D5892), 509079]. Tamaulipas: 18 mi. SE Manuel, 34m, 22°31’35”N, 98°07’38”W, 1.xi.1982, G. Gordh [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT499000]. Rio Bravo, 28m, 25°59’52”N, 98°07’0”W, 30.ix.1986, L.A. Rodriguez, ex: sunflower leaf miner [1?, TAMU: UCRCENT426748]. Yucatan: Chichen Itzá (ruins) second. For., 20°40’51”N, 88°34’7”W, 17.xii.1993, L. Masner, swp [2♀, CNC: CNC 508663 (D5893), 508874]. PUERTO RICO: Humacao: nr. Naguabo, 58m, 18°12’58”N, 64°44’44”W, 12.v.1940, J.G. Needham, Lot No. 40-10681, host: Tischeria sp., host plant: Melanthera sp. [2♀, USNM: UCRCENT425415, 425417]. TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: Tobago: 176m, 11°13’36”N, 60°42’50”W, 24.ii.1912, A. Busch [1♀, USNM: UCRCENT471581]. USA: Arizona: Pima Co. , Santa Rita Mtns.; Box Canyon, 1208m, 31°46’56”N, 110°51’2”W, 20.viii.1999, M. Gates [1♁, UCRC: UCRCENT077638]. Pinal Co., Sacaton, 393m, 33°04’35”N, 111°44’18”W,, C. N. Ainslie [1♀, USNM: UCRCENT471580]. Arkansas: Benton Co., Bentonville, 399m, 36°22’29”N, 94°12’17”W, ix.1918, Quantaince no.16415, host: Canarasia sp. [1♀, USNM:UCRCENT425420]. Washington Co., Fayetteville, 397m, 36°04’53”N, 94°10’27”W, Rolston, host: Callisto geminatella [1♀, USNM: UCRCENT425393]. California: Riverside Co., 0.8 Mi. N. Jct. Deep Cr. & Horsethief Cr. T 7S, R 6E, S 6, 900m, 33°35’31”N, 116°24’26”W, 15.iii.1974, G. R. Ballmer, host: leaf miner, host plant: Simmondsia chinensis [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT312329]. AG-OPS 3C ((Iowa), 305m, 33°58’20”N, 117°20’21”W, 16.x.2008, R. Luck, host: Phyllocnistis citrella , host plant: citrus [1♁, UCRC: UCRCENT292425]. Chino Canyon T3S, R4E, S 33, 261m, 33°51’42”N, 116°34’22”W, 29.ii.1984, R. D. Goeden & D. W. Ricker, host plant: Trixis californica [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT312373]. Hwy 74, San Bernardino Nat. Frst., 635m, 33°43’52”N, 116°48’39”W,, R. K. Perry, RP14-009 [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT312348 (D4113)]. NE of Black Hill, T 6S, R 6E, S 19, 854m, 33°37’59”N, 116°24’15”W, 13.ii.1978, S. Frommer, host: Periploca sp. [1♁, UCRC: UCRCENT312327]. NE of Black Hill, T 6S, R 6E, S 19, 854m, 33°37’59”N, 116°24’15”W, 23.iii.1978, S. Frommer, beating, host plant: Simmondsia chinensis [1♁, UCRC: UCRCENT312328]. P.L. Boyd Des. Res. Center, 799m, 33°38’54”N, 116°22’50”W, 23–31.i.1970, S. Frommer & L.F. LaPre, Malaise trap [1♀, UCRC: UCRENT00498901]. UCR Botanical Gardens, 394m, 33°58’5”N, 117°19’12”W, 25.viii-20.x.2016, R. K. Perry, Malaise Trap [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT485251]. San Bernardino Co., Mill Creek, Hwy 38, 962m, 34°10’14”N, 117°02’43”W, 30.ix.2012, E.Gordon [1♁ 1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT498890, 498891].Oro Grande, 794m, 34°36’38”N, 117°20’38”W, 16.ix.1981, J. D. Pinto [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT312372]. San Diego Co., Pauma, Rutz grove, 374m, 33°20’14”N, 116°58’57”W, 11.ix.2008, T. Shea, host: Phyllocnistis citrella , host plant: citrus [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT292464]. San Felipe Creek, St. 78, 2 mi. E. Jct. Rt. 52, 642m, 33°06’38”N, 116°26’54”W, 22.ii.1976, D. C. Frack, DCFR #76-26 [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT498999]. San Ysidro T18S, R2W, S36, 67m, 32°33’27”N, 117°02’11”W, 16.iii.1971, R.D. Goeden & D.W. Ricker, host plant: Ambrosia chenopodiifolia [2♀, UCRC: UCRCENT312374, UCRC: UCRCENT312375]. Florida: Collier Co., Immokalee, 7m, 26°24’21”N, 81°24’59”W, 1–8.xii.2000, Cowley, suction trap [1♀, FSCA: UCRCENT424524]. Immokalee (SWFREC), 10m, 26°27’36”N, 81°26’19”W, iii.1990, Cowley, host: Liriomyza sativae [1♀, FSCA: UCRCENT424521]. Duval Co., Jacksonville, St. Johns Bluff, 30°23’2”N, 81°29’55”W, 30.viii.1976, Z. Bouček [1♀, BMNH: NHMUK10370155]. Franklin Co., Apalachicola, 5m, 29°43’16”N, 84°59’56”W, 18.viii.1990, F.D. Bennett, host plant: ragweed [2♀, FSCA: UCRCENT424525, 424526]. Gadsden Co., Quincy, 54m, 30°35’2”N, 84°34’49”W, 1987–1988, R. Mizell, MT, host: Caloptilia azaleella [1♀, FSCA: UCRCENT424522]. Hendry Co., La Belle, 3m, 26°45’45”N, 81°25’35”W,, M. Packhioli[1♀, FSCA:UCRCENT424527]. Highlands Co., Sebring, 33m, 27°28’46”N, 81°26’16”W, 20.iii.1955, H.V. Weems, Jr. [1♀, FSCA: UCRCENT424520]. Miami-Dade Co., Hialeah, 2m, 25°51’18”N, 80°16’42”W, 5.viii.1962, C. E. Stegmaier, host plant: Eleusine indica [1♀, FSCA: UCRCENT424528]. Homestead, 1m, 25°27’54”N, 80°28’26”W, 1994, R.E. Duncan, host: Phyllocnistis citrella [2♁ 3♀, ANIC: UCRCENT238685–89]. Monroe Co., Big Pine Key, 1m, 24°42’34”N, 81°22’57”W, 8.vii.2011, J. Heraty, pine rockland, H11-071 [1♀, USNM: UCRCENT425360]. Big Pine Key, Watsons Hammock, 0m, 24°40’12”N, 81°21’14”W, 1–, M. Kaulbars [1♀, CNC: CNC 508883]. Boot Key, 0m, 24°41’45”N, 81°06’15”W, 27– 29.iv.1986, J. LaSalle [2♀, CNC: CNC 508672, 508740]. Key West, 24°33’18”N, 81°46’59”W, 14.iii.1945, Griswold, SS 25350, host: Bucculatrix sp., host plant: Pluchea odorata [1♀, USNM: UCRCENT425361]. Orange Co., Orlando, 28°31’48”N, 81°22’12”W, G. G. Ainslie, Webster No. 7599C, host: Agromyza parvicornis [1♀, USNM: UCRCENT471584]. Polk Co., Lake Alfred, CREC, 54m, 30°35’2”N, 84°34’49”W, 31.v.1995, H. W. Browning, swamp, host plant: Vitis rotundifolia [1♁, FSCA: UCRCENT424523]. Lakeland, 28°02’24”N, 81°56’54”W, G. G. Ainslie, Webster No. 7599AG, host: Agromyza parvicornis [1♀, USNM: UCRCENT425366]. Waverly, 35m, 27°58’43”N, 81°36’35”W, 30.xi.1994, H. W. Browning, host: Phyllocnistis citrella , host plant: Citrus paradisii [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT414308]. Waverly, Rubash443, 41m, 27°58’10”N, 81°36’42”W, 12.xi.1994, Browning, host: Phyllocnistis citrella , host plant: Citrus [5♁, UCRC: UCRCENT498880–83, 498902]. Georgia: Liberty Co., St. Catherine’s Island, 31°40’0”N, 81°09’0”W, 6–10.iv.1995, A. Sharkov [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT121842]. St. Clair Co., Chapel View Prarie, 246m, 38°13’10”N, 93°51’11”W,, M. Gates [2♀, UCRC: UCRCENT312330, 414309]. Iowa: Winneshiek, Plymouth Rock, 369m, 43°26’18”N, 92°00’16”W, 16.ix.2013, M. J. Hatfield, planted prairie, host: Pachyschelus laevigatus , host plant: Desmodium canadense [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT498893]. Kansas: Riley Co., 2 mi. S. Manhattan, 326m, 39°08’41”N, 96°32’15”W, 6.ix.1983, J. T. & D. E. Huber [1♀, CNC: CNC 508880]. Manhattan, 326m, 39°10’41”N, 96°34’34”W, 24.viii.1933, L. M. Copenhafer, Q7, host: Ornix sp. [1♀, USNM: UCRCENT425368]. Manhattan, 326m, 39°10’41”N, 96°34’34”W, 30.vii.1933, L. M. Copenhafer, Q6, host: Ornix sp. [1♀, USNM: UCRCENT425369]. Manhattan, 326m, 39°10’41”N, 96°34’34”W, 7.ix.1933, L. M. Copenhafer, Q8, host: Ornix sp. [1♀, USNM: UCRCENT425367]. Sumner Co., Wellington, 368m, 37°15’59”N, 97°23’36”W, T. H. Parks, Webster No. 5491, host: leaf miner, host plant: corn [1♀, USNM: UCRCENT425377]. Louisiana: Plaquemine Par., 0m, 29°37’11”N, 89°52’10”W, 12.ix.1997, S. Johnson, host: Phyllocnistis citrella [1♀, USNM: UCRCENT425395]. 0m, 29°37’11”N, 89°52’10”W, 26.viii.1997, S. Johnson, host: Phyllocnistis citrella [1♀, USNM: UCRCENT425394]. Maryland: Dorchester Co., Blackwater Natl Wildlife Refuge, 1m, 38°26’41”N, 75°07’7”W, 8–9.viii.1943, H. L. Dozier, 43-9392 [1♁, BMNH: NHMUK10370149]. Howard Co., Clarksville, 39°12’20”N, 76°56’46”W, 29.vii.1986, E. E. Grissell, deciduous forest, malaise trap [1♁, USNM: UCRCENT471432]. Massachusetts: Nantucket Co., Sanford Farm, 7m, 41°16’58”N, 70°08’29”W, 28.viii.2015, C. S. Eiseman, CSE 2044, host: Metallus sp., host plant: Rubus sp. [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT485252]. Tawpeshaw, 07m, 41°15’32”N, 70°05’15”W, 25.vii–10.viii.2014, C. S. Eiseman, host: Porphyrosela desmodiella , host plant: Lespedeza sp. [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT416915 (D4601)]. Missouri: Howard Co., 3 mi. E. Franklin, orchard, 39°00’42”N, 92°41’49”W, 9.i.1992, R. S. Gagne, host: Phyllonorycter blancardella (probably), host plant: Malus domestica [1♀, USNM: UCRCENT425365]. Lafayette Co., Waverly, 247m, 39°12’32”N, 93°31’4”W, 10.vii.1990, B. A. Barrett, host: Phyllonorycter blancardella (probably), host plant: Malus domestica [4♁ 1♀, USNM: UCRCENT425370–425374]. Wayne Co., Williamsville, 36°58’16”N, 90°32’58”W, x.1987, J. Becker, malaise trap [2♀, CNC: CNC 508881, 508882]. New Jersey: Cape May Co., Town Bank, 1m, 38°59’19”N, 74°57’4”W, 29.vii.1981, A. L. Norrbom [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT414307]. New Mexico: Colfax Co., Springer, 36°21’40”N, 104°35’46”W, C. N. Ainslie [1♀, USNM: UCRCENT471577]. North Carolina: Lincoln Co., 35°28’30”N, 81°12’56”W, 15.v.1988, J. 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