Bithynia (Bithynia) ejecta Mousson, 1874

Gloeer, Peter & Pesic, Vladimir, 2012, The freshwater snails (Gastropoda) of Iran, with descriptions of two new genera and eight new species, ZooKeys 219, pp. 11-61: 18

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Bithynia (Bithynia) ejecta Mousson, 1874


Bithynia (Bithynia) ejecta Mousson, 1874  

Records from Iran.

Isfahan Province - (as Amnicola ejecta   : Biggs 1937).


Probably due to the small size of this species, Biggs (1937) assigned this species belongs to the genus Amnicola   , although Mousson (1874) described it as a Bythynia   , and pointed out that the operculum is characteristic for Bythinia   and different from Amnicola   (syn. to Pseudamnicola   ). Furthermore, Biggs (1937) found his species in the mountains, while the original description of Bithynia ejecta   comes from the lowland, indicating the Biggs’s species is not conspecific with Bithynia ejecta   and probably represents an undescribed species.