Agromyza proxima Spencer

Lonsdale, Owen, 2021, Manual of North American Agromyzidae (Diptera, Schizophora), with revision of the fauna of the " Delmarva " states, ZooKeys 1051, pp. 1-481: 1

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Agromyza proxima Spencer


Agromyza proxima Spencer  

Fig. 215 View Figures 210–215

Agromyza proxima   Spencer, 1969: 52. Spencer and Steyskal 1986b: 67.


Wing length 2.2-2.4 mm (♂), 2.2-2.5 (♀). Length of ultimate section of vein M4 divided by penultimate section: 0.6-0.7. Eye height divided by gena height: 2.8-3.4. First flagellomere small and rounded, sometimes with very small tuft of pale hairs apically. Scutum shiny.

Chaetotaxy: Two ori (sometimes three on one side); two ors. Two well-developed dorsocentrals with smaller third seta anteriorly. Hind tibia with two posteromedial setae.

Colouration: As described for A. parvicornis   , except fronto-orbital plate usually brownish orange around base of all fronto-orbital setae.

Genitalia: (Fig. 215 View Figures 210–215 ) Genitalia as described for A. parvicornis   except as follows: basiphallus short, only slightly longer than distiphallus; distal section of distiphallus narrow, with sides only slightly bulging subapically.

Variation: MD male from Anne Arundel Co. with distal 2/5 of first flagellomere covered with pale hairs; genitalia as described above, but surstylus relatively small and spherical; distal 2/3 of first flagellomere dark and pedicel orange distally; frons dark brown. VA female with relatively large ovate distoventral patch of pale hairs on first flagellomere; body entirely dark with pedicel slightly paler, calypter entirely white, notopleuron and postpronotum reddish, and wing veins whitish on basal 1/2. The female is only tentatively allied with the MD male on the basis of similar dark colouration and the increased size of the pale haired patch on the first flagellomere.


Poaceae  - Dichanthelium   sp, Echinochloa walteri   , Panicum dichotomiflorum   ( Scheffer and Lonsdale 2018, Spencer and Steyskal 1986b).


Canada: MB. USA: DE*, FL, MA*, MD*, NY, VA(?).

Type material.

Holotype: USA. FL: Sweetwater, Tamiami Canal (1♂, USNM).

Paratypes: Canada. MB: 2 mi N Forrest, Populus balsamifera   stand around slough, 19.vii.1958, J.G. Chillcott, CNC352969 (1♂ [head missing], CNC). USA. FL: Sweetwater, 3.viii.1963, ex. Echinochloa walteri   , leg. 23.vii.1963, K.A. Spencer (1♂ 1♀ [same pin, with puparia], USNM).

Additional material examined.

USA. DE: Newark, 30.vii.1974 (1♂, UDCC), Stanton, 8.viii.1951, D.F. Bray (1♂, USNM), MA: Greenfield, 6.[?].1914, A.L. Melander (1♂, USNM), Wayland, 28.[?], J.J. Pratt, LT (1♂, USNM), MD: Bethseda, 12.ix.1981, G.C. Steyskal (1♀, USNM), Colesville, 15.viii.1975, Malaise trap, W.W. Wirth (1♂, USNM), Anne Arundel Co., nr. Edgewater , Smithsonian Envir. Res. Centre, 38°53'N, 76°33'W, 10.vii.1993, G.F. Hevel (1♂, USNM), VA: Sherando Lake, 10 mi SW Waynesboro,, L.V. Knutson (1♀, USNM) GoogleMaps   .














Agromyza proxima Spencer

Lonsdale, Owen 2021

Agromyza proxima

Spencer 1969