Neriene zhui Chen & Li, 1995

Li, Jian Yong, Liu, Jie & Chen, Jian, 2018, A review of some Neriene spiders (Araneae, Linyphiidae) from China, Zootaxa 4513 (1), pp. 1-90 : 65-74

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Neriene zhui Chen & Li, 1995


Neriene zhui Chen & Li, 1995

Figs 65–67 View FIGURE 65 View FIGURE 66 View FIGURE 67 , 69 View FIGURE 69

Neriene zhui Chen & Li, 1995: 311 , f. 1–10 (Dmf); Song, Zhu & Chen, 1999: 194, f. 112G–H, O–P (mf).

Material examined. Hainan: GoogleMaps Ledong County, Jianfeng Town, Jianfengling Mountain National forest   GoogleMaps Park   GoogleMaps , 18.73°N, 108.91°E, 1169m, 6–7.viii.2007, F. X. Liu and J. Chen leg., 1M and 2FF (CBEE); Hainan: Qiongzhong County, Li Mu Mountain National Nature Reserve , 19.21°N, 109.78E, 345m, 29–30.v.2008, H. Yu leg., 2MM and 7FF ( CBEE) GoogleMaps ; Hainan: Bawangling Mountain National Nature Reserve , 19.13°N, 109.10°E, 300m,, H. Yu leg., 12MM and 21FF ( CBEE) GoogleMaps ; Hainan: Diaoluo Mountain National Nature Reserve , 31.11°N, 115.73°E, 649m, 3.x.2009, H. Yu leg., 1F ( CBEE) GoogleMaps .

Diagnosis: See the diagnosis under N. strandia .

Description: The measurements see Chen & Li (1995). Male palp ( Figs 65 View FIGURE 65 A–C, 65E–F, 66): Tibia shorter than cymbium. Paracymbium small, U-shaped, without bifurcated tip. Distal suprategular apophysis long, slender, with narrow dorsal hooked tip, without ventral membranous branch. Lamella well-developed, with four projections: lateral one short; posterior one long and slender; anterior one large, blunt; dorsal one short. Terminal apophysis bifurcated basally, ventral branch slightly twisted, with conspicuous grooves, dorsal branch upright, with enlarged end. Embolus simple, long, slender, without appendage distally. Male habitus as in Fig. 67B View FIGURE 67 .

Epigynum ( Figs 65D View FIGURE 65 , 67C View FIGURE 67 ): In ventral view, atrium opening triangular, with the anterior margin almost horizontal. Parmula arising from dorsal wall, with a semicircular tip, which has a small depression at its tip. Vulva ( Figs 65 View FIGURE 65 G–H, 67D–E): Vulva wider than long, with two oval lobes anteriorly; copulatory grooves started mesally, with about one coil; fertilization grooves enter the spermathecae, with about one coil; turning-points small, situated laterally, pointing towards laterally; spermathecae long, slender, pointing towards laterally. Female habitus as in Fig. 67A View FIGURE 67 .

Distribution: China (Hainan) ( Fig. 69 View FIGURE 69 ).














Neriene zhui Chen & Li, 1995

Li, Jian Yong, Liu, Jie & Chen, Jian 2018

Neriene zhui

Song, D. X. & Zhu, M. S. & Chen, J. 1999: 194
Chen, J. & Li, S. Q. 1995: 311