Leucotrichia pictipes (Banks, 1911)

Thomson, Robin E. & Holzenthal, Ralph W., 2015, A revision of the Neotropical caddisfly genus Leucotrichia Mosely, 1934 (Hydroptilidae, Leucotrichiinae), ZooKeys 499, pp. 1-100: 32-33

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Leucotrichia pictipes (Banks, 1911)


Taxon classification Animalia Trichoptera Hydroptilidae

Leucotrichia pictipes (Banks, 1911)   Figs 3C, 34

pictipes   (Banks, 1911: 359) [Type locality: United States, New York, Johnstown, Hales Creek; MCZ; male; in Orthotrichia   ]. - Ross 1938: 10 [as Stactobia pictipes   (Banks)]. - Ross 1944: 120 [to Leucotrichia   ]. - Flint 1970: 10 [male, distribution]. - Nielsen 1948: 11 [misidentified as Ithytrichia confusa   Morton].


Leucotrichia pictipes   is similar to Leucotrichia fairchildi   , Leucotrichia imitator   , and Leucotrichia sarita   . Leucotrichia pictipes   bears patches of scales, both on the dorsum of the head and the eversible membranous lobe beneath the posterolateral wart, which are absent in all 3 of the other species. The genitalia of Leucotrichia pictipes   are similar to that Leucotrichia imitator   , in having multiple membranous lobes arising from the apex of the phallus. While Leucotrichia imitator   has 3 lobes, Leucotrichia pictipes   can be distinguished by having 2 sets of symmetrically arranged lobes.


Male. Length of forewing 2.5-4.0 (n=88). Head with patches of scales dorsally; posterolateral warts large, eversible, with scaled membranous lobes revealed when everted, with 2 ocelli; antennae with scape slightly enlarged, pedicel subtriangular, basal 3 flagellomeres narrow and compact. Dorsum of head brown with yellow setae; thorax brown with yellow setae dorsally, brown ventrally; leg segments with brown setae. Forewings covered with fine brown setae with transverse stripe of yellow setae on basal 1/2 and small scattered patches of yellow setae on distal 1/3. Genitalia. Abdominal sternum VII with mesoventral process replaced by tuft of dense, prominent setae. Sternum VIII in ventral view with posterior margin concave. Segment IX anterolateral margin convex, posterolateral margin convex; in dorsal view anterior margin concave, posterior margin broadly concave. Tergum × with dorsal sclerite slender; ventral sclerite semielliptic with tridentate posterior margin; membranous apex not well developed. Subgenital plate with dorsal arm not apparent; ventral arm hollow, apex acute (Fig. 34A), in ventral view base with crenulate margin, apex rounded. Inferior appendage digitate, bearing single dorsal spine; in ventral view apex rounded. Phallus apex bearing U-shaped internal apodeme, broad ventral sclerite, and 2 pairs of membranous apicodorsal lobes.

Material examined.

Holotype male: USA: NEW YORK: Johnstown, Hales Creek, collected in June, Alexander (MCZ11597) (MCZ). Nontypes: MEXICO: Chihuahua: Riito, Hwy 16, 10 mi E Yepachi, 28.vi.1987, Kondratieff and Baumann, 1 male, 1 female (in alcohol) (NMNH); USA: California: Tulare Co., 3 Rivers, 13.viii.1975, J.L. Cross, 19 males, 8 females (in alcohol) (NMNH); American River, Sacramento, 18.vi.1985, C.M. and O.S. Flint, Jr., 1 female (in alcohol) (NMNH); Colorado: Grand Co., Colorado River near Hot Sulphur Springs, 4.viii.1973, R.W. Baumann and W.P. Stark, 1 male, 2 females (in alcohol) (NMNH); Fremont Co., Cañon City, 27-29.v.1987, G.F. and J.F. Hevel, 2 males, 2 females (in alcohol) (NMNH); Maryland: Frederick Co., Small Creek, Hwy 77, 30.vi.1972, Baumann and Cross, 1 male (in alcohol) (NMNH); Montana: Madison Co., Madison River at Norris, 21.vi.1978, Groemhild, 4 males, 3 females (in alcohol) (NMNH); New Mexico: Sandoval Co., Valles Caldera National Preserve, Lower San Antonio Creek, NW border of Preserve, 35°57.8'N 106°36.9'W, 2.vii.2008, Parmenter et al., 17 males, 11 females (in alcohol) (NMNH); Sandoval Co., Caldera National Preserve, along E Fork Jemez River, “Dagobah,” 35°50.2'N, 106°30.1'W, 30.vi.2008, Parmenter et al., 1 male (in alcohol) (NMNH); Oregon: Douglas Co., S Umpqua River, 5 mi below junction of Myrtle Creek, Stn. M., 3.vi.1976, M.J. Stansburg, 2 males, 1 female (in alcohol) (NMNH); Pennsylvania: Warren Co., Spring Creek, 1.5 mi S Spring Creek village, 41°51.3'N, 79°32.4'W, 28.viii.1998, O.S. Flint, Jr., 1 male (in alcohol) (NMNH); Warren Co., Lainard Bush, Spring Creek, 41°52'N, 79°32'W, 4.vi.2000, L. Bush, 1 male (in alcohol) (NMNH); Virginia: Bath Co., Jackson River, Rt. 603, 2 mi S Rt. 687, 11.ix.1979, C.M. and O.S. Flint, Jr., 1 male, 1 female (in alcohol) (NMNH); Farquier Co., Broad Thoroughfare Gap, 27.v.1961, O.S. Flint, Jr., 2 males, 3 females (in alcohol) (NMNH); Bath Co., Jackson River at Rt. 603 bridge, 24.v.1974, B. Strickler, 1 male (in alcohol) (NMNH); Fauquier Co., Broad Run, Thoroughfare Gap, 15.vii1974, O.S. Flint, Jr., 1 male, 2 females (in alcohol) (NMNH); Fauquier Co., Broad Run, Thoroughfare Gap, 10.v.1974, O.S. Flint, Jr., 25 males, 20 females (in alcohol) (NMNH); West Virginia: Pendleton Co., Smoke Hole Camp, 28-29.viii.1963, R. and O. Flint, 2 males, 2 females (in alcohol) (NMNH); Wisconsin: St. Croix County, Apple River at Somerset on Highway 64, 22.v.1993, R.J. Blahnik, 1 male (UMSP); St. Croix County, Apple River at Somerset on Highway 64, 22.v.1993, R.J. Blahnik, 1 female (UMSP); Douglas Co., Upper St. Croix River near Gordon, 26.v.1994, R.J. Blahnik, 1 male (UMSP); Douglas Co., Upper St. Croix River near Gordon, 26.v.1994, R.J. Blahnik, 1 female (UMSP); Wyoming: Teton Co., Crawfish Creek, tributary to Lewis River, 12.v.1992, G. Roemhild, 2 males, 1 female (in alcohol) (NMNH); Yellowstone National Park, Madison Junction, 19.viii.1962, P. and P. Spangler, 1 male (in alcohol) (NMNH).