Pseudobithynia irana Gloeer & Pesic , 2006, Gloeer & Pesic, 2006

Gloeer, Peter & Pesic, Vladimir, 2012, The freshwater snails (Gastropoda) of Iran, with descriptions of two new genera and eight new species, ZooKeys 219, pp. 11-61: 19

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Pseudobithynia irana Gloeer & Pesic , 2006


Pseudobithynia irana Gloeer & Pesic, 2006   Fig. 12k View Figure 12

Records from Iran.

Markazi and Lorestan Provinces ( Glöer and Pešić 2006).

New records.

Lorestan Province:IR26-07 [10 ex.].

Associated species.

Planorbis intermixtus   , Radix   sp.


Iran; Markazi and Lorestan Provinces.