Oedichirus zealandicus, Rougemont, 2018

Rougemont, Guillaume de, 2018, The genus Oedichirus in New Caledonia (Staphylinidae: Paederinae: Pinophilini), Linzer biologische Beiträge 50 (1), pp. 537-586: 569-570

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Oedichirus zealandicus


Oedichirus zealandicus  (Figs 7)

M a t e r i a l s t u d i e d: ♂ Holotype: New Caledonia 9945, 21º34’S x 165º46’E, Table Unio road, 500m, 14 Nov 2000, G.B. Monteith, Pyrethrum, trunks and logsGoogleMaps  ♀ HOLOTYPE Oedichirus zealandicus  des. 2017 G. de Rougemont [ MNHN]  ; 1♂ paratype: [Ibid.] ♀ PARATYPE Oedichirus zealandicus  des. 2017 G. de Rougemont [ CRO]  ; 1♂ paratype: NEW CALEDONIA 11984, 21º09’S x 165º19’E, 500m, Aoupinie, sawmill, 2 Jan 2005, G. Monteith, beating, rainforestGoogleMaps  ♀ PARATYPE Oedichirus zealandicus  des. 2017 G. de Rougemont [ QM]  ; 2♂♂ paratypes: NEW CALEDONIA 8746, 21º08’S x 165º07’E, 500m, Foret Plate, 5 Nov. 2001 C. Burwell & G. Monteith, Pyrethrum, trees & logsGoogleMaps  ♀ PARATYPE Oedichirus zealandicus  des. 2017 G. de Rougemont [ QM]  .

A d d i t i o n a l m a t e r i a l: 1♂: NOUVELLE-CALEDONIE, Province-Sud, Sarraméa, Col d’Amieu, 23.xi.2007 ♀ 21º34.400S – 165º45.670E, 410 m, tamissage de litière, T. Théry leg. ♀ Oedichirus zealandicus  n. sp. det. 2017 G. de Rougemont [CTP].

D e s c r i p t i o n: length: 10-11 mm; length of fore-body: 4.3; length of head: 1.15; breadth of head: 1.3; llength of antenna: 3.4; length of pronotum: 1.77; breadth of pronotum: 1.4; length of elytron: 1.32; breadth of elytra: 1.57. Body black; palpi, antennae and legs testaceous, knees fairly broadly but lightly infuscate. Head and pronotum shiny, with indistinct microsculpture; abdominal tergites with transverse micro-striation. Pubescence of fore-body pale, sparse, erect, that of abdomen longer, erect of semi-erect.

Habitus: similar to Fig. 4h.

Male: abdominal sternite VIII: Fig. 7s8; aedoeagus: Figs. 7arl, av; Plate AED.

This member of the novacaledonicus complex is superficially indistinguishable from O. novacaledonicus  nov.sp. except by its less distinct cephalic microsculpture. The shape of the apex of the ventral process of the aedoeagus (Plate AED) is characteristic.


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