Hypoxys offuscatus ( Breddin, 1907 ),

Nunes, Benedito Mendes, Campos, Lourival Dias, Mendonca, Maria Thayane Da Silva, Cunha, Eduardo Victor De Paiva & Fernandes, Jose Antonio Marin, 2020, Revision of Hypoxys Amyot & Serville, 1843 stat. rest. (Heteroptera Pentatomidae), Zootaxa 4742 (3), pp. 401-441: 416-418

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Hypoxys offuscatus ( Breddin, 1907 )

comb. nov.

Hypoxys offuscatus ( Breddin, 1907)  comb. nov.

( Figs. 7View FIGURE 7 A–E; 19 A–B; 21)

Edessa offuscata Breddin, 1907: 332  ; Kirkaldy, 1909: 368 (catalog)

Edessa rimata Breddin, 1907: 338  ; Kirkaldy, 1909: 368 (catalog) syn. nov.

Lectotype male. Edessa offuscata  . Brasil, Pebas ( SDEI). Designated by Gaedike (1971:94). Examined. 

Lectotype female. Edessa rimata  . Peru, Iguapo ( SDEI). Designated by Gaedike (1971:97, by use of “ Holotypus ”). Examined. 

Material examined. PERU. Loreto: ♀ Iquitos, Amazon River, II–21–1927, H. Bassler ( USNM); ♂ ♀ Confl. De los Rios Zamur e Yahuasyacu, II–80, J. Becker leg. Edessa rimata Breddin, 1907 Comp.  w. TYPE Fernandes, JAM 1999, Edessa offuscata Breddin, 1907 Comp.  w. TYPE Fernandes, JAM 1999. ( RMNH).

Measurements. total length: 17.2–19.0; head length: 2.3; head width: 3.4–3.6; pronotal width: 11.0–11.3; abdominal width: 9.6–10.3; length of antennal segments. I: 0.9–1.0; II: 2.4; III: 1.3–1.4; IV: 5.7; V: 6.3; interocular distance: 1.6–1.7; scutellum length: 8.4–9.0; scutellum width: 6.2–6.6; pronotal length: 3.6–3.9.

Diagnosis. Anterolateral margin of pronotum with solid black stripe reaching all its extension. Cicatrices with dark brown punctures delimiting anterior sulci ( Fig. 19AView FIGURE 19). Anterolateral margin with few dark punctures. Male ( Fig. 7View FIGURE 7 A–C). Pygophore with dorsal rim widely excavated ( Fig. 7AView FIGURE 7). Superior process of genital cup small, arrow-headshaped, adjacent to dorsal rim ( Fig. 7BView FIGURE 7). Paramere elongated, shank triangular (cross section) due to a conspicuous carina on inner side ending before enlarged part; head of the paramere spatulate ( Fig. 7BView FIGURE 7). Proctiger with laterodorsal tufts of setae widely separated by medial ridge; posterior face pentagonal, flat ( Fig. 7BView FIGURE 7). Ventral rim with expansions rounded, wide, tumid, well-projected, clearly surpassing level of posterolateral angle in ventral view ( Fig. 7CView FIGURE 7); base of each expansion with a conspicuous transverse carina. Female ( Fig. 7DView FIGURE 7). Gonocoxites 8 with posterior margin sinuous, inner angle rounded projected posteriorly reaching gonocoxites 9; sutural border with elliptic, short excavation on posterior half. Gonapophyses 8 exposed.

Comments. Edessa offuscata  and E. rimata  were described by Breddin (1907). The author considered E. rimata  related to E. trabecula  and E. offuscata  close to E. quadridens  and E. boerneri  . However, these similarities are based only on the external morphology of the species. Females of H. offuscatus  have inner angles of gonocoxites 8 more protruding and sutural border less excavated ( Fig. 7DView FIGURE 7) than H. boerneri  ( Fig. 2DView FIGURE 2); both species have posterior margin of gonocoxites 8 sinuous while H. quadriden  s has posterior margin arched ( Fig. 1DView FIGURE 1). Males of H. offuscatus  and H. quadriden  s are very similar and can be separated by subtle characteristics like paramere more robust and dorsal rim more excavated in H. offuscatus  ( Fig. 7BView FIGURE 7 and 1BView FIGURE 1); more obvious distinctive characteristic is the expansion of ventral rim more developed and rounded in H. offuscatus  ( Fig. 7CView FIGURE 7) than in H. quadriden  s ( Fig. 1CView FIGURE 1).

Distribution ( Fig. 21View FIGURE 21). PERU: Loreto.


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Hypoxys offuscatus ( Breddin, 1907 )

Nunes, Benedito Mendes, Campos, Lourival Dias, Mendonca, Maria Thayane Da Silva, Cunha, Eduardo Victor De Paiva & Fernandes, Jose Antonio Marin 2020

Edessa offuscata

Kirkaldy, G. W. 1909: 368
Breddin, G. 1907: 332

Edessa rimata

Kirkaldy, G. W. 1909: 368
Breddin, G. 1907: 338