Leucotrichia limpia Ross, 1944

Thomson, Robin E. & Holzenthal, Ralph W., 2015, A revision of the Neotropical caddisfly genus Leucotrichia Mosely, 1934 (Hydroptilidae, Leucotrichiinae), ZooKeys 499, pp. 1-100: 30

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Leucotrichia limpia Ross, 1944


Taxon classification Animalia Trichoptera Hydroptilidae

Leucotrichia limpia Ross, 1944   Fig. 30

limpia   Ross, 1944: 273 [Type locality: United States, Texas, Fort Davis, Limpia Creek; INHS; male.] - Flint 1970: 6 [male]; 1996: 86 [correction of errors in 1970 paper].


Leucotrichia limpia   is most similar to Leucotrichia botosaneanui   , Leucotrichia chiriquiensis   , Leucotrichia hispida   , and Leucotrichia viridis   . These species share a similar combination of characteristics present in the phallus and the posterolateral margin of sternum VIII, as discussed under Leucotrichia botoeaneanui   . The mesodorsal spines and short spines on the apical lobes of the phallus apex (Figs 30E, F) and the small single-pointed mesoventral process of sternum VII separate Leucotrichia limpia   from the other 4 species in this group.


Male. Length of forewing 3.0-4.6 mm (n=13). Head unmodified, with 3 ocelli; antennae unmodified. Dorsum of head dark brown with light yellow setae; thorax dark brown with light yellow setae dorsally, brown ventrally; leg segments with brown setae. Forewings covered with fine dark brown setae with scattered patches of light yellow setae. Genitalia. Abdominal sternum VII with short, acute mesoventral process. Sternum VIII in ventral view with posterior margin concave. Segment IX anterolateral margin convex, posterolateral margin straight; in dorsal view anterior margin concave, posterior margin convex. Tergum × with dorsal sclerite simple; ventral sclerite semielliptic with tridentate posterior margin; membranous apex small, suborbicular. Subgenital plate with dorsal arm digitate, with slight mesal constriction; ventral arm broadest basally, tapering apically, in ventral view obovate. Inferior appendage basally subquadrate, apex truncate, bearing single dorsal spine; in ventral view entirely fused, subtriangular. Phallus with median complex bearing basal supports; apex bearing pair of stout spines dorsally, many short spines mesoventrally, and 2 membranous apical lobes bearing many short spines dorsally.

Material examined.

Holotype male: USA: Texas: Fort Davis, along Limpia Creek, 19.iv.1939, H.H. and J.A. Ross (INHS Trichoptera  #22335) (INHS). Allotype female: Same data as for holotype (INHS). Nontypes: COSTA RICA: Puntarenas: roadside seep, route 2 just W km 234, 8.976°N, 83.299°W, el. 100m, 20.ii.1986, Holzenthal, Morse, and Fasth, 1 male, 1 female (UMSP); MEXICO: Chiapas: Chorreadero, Chiapa de Corzo, 11.viii.1967, O.S. Flint, Jr., 1 male, 2 females (NMNH); Oaxaca: Tamazulapan, 7-8.vi.1967, Flint and Ortiz, 1 male (NMNH); San Luis Potosí: Rancho Quemada, Rt. 85 km 353, 4-6.viii.1966, O.S. Flint, Jr., 1 male (NMNH); USA: Arizona: Yavapai Co., spring outfall at Bubbling Ponds Fish Hatchery, Page Springs, 23.iv.1993, S.R. Moulton and K.W. Stewart, 1 male, 1 female (in alcohol) (NMNH); Coconino Co., West Fork, 16 mi SW Flagstaff, elev. 6500', 5.viii.1961, R.W. Hodges, 1 female (NMNH); Tucson, 2033 E. Helen St., 12.x.2010, R.B. Nagle, 1 male (NMNH); Tucson, 2033 E. Helen St., 12.x.2010, R.B. Nagle, 1 female (NMNH); Texas: Val Verde Co., Devils River, Dolan Creek., 29° 53.4'N, 100°59.6'W, 3.vi.1967, C.M. and O.S. Flint, Jr., 1 male (NMNH); Brewster Co., Big Bend National Park, Windows Creek, 5-10.iv.1993, J. Gelhaus, 1 female (NMNH); Val Verde Co., Devils River, Dolan Falls area, elev. 360 m, 17.v.1993, at light along Devils River, J. Gelhaus #589, Nelson, and Koenig, 2 males, 3 females (in alcohol) (NMNH); Val Verde, Co., Devils River, Dolan Falls, 29°53.0'N, 100°59.6'W, 2.vi.1997, C.M. and O.S. Flint, Jr., 1 male, 5 females (in alcohol) (NMNH); Brewster Co., Big Bend National Park, Chisos Mountains, spring fed creek in Oak Canyon (Window Trail), elev. 1425 m, 103°20'N, 29°17'W, malaise trap, 5-11.iv.1993, J. Gelhaus #559 and D. Koenig, 2 males, 2 females (in alcohol) (NMNH); Val Verde Co., Devils River, Dolan Creek, 29°53.4'N, 100°59.6'W, 3.vi.1997, C.M. and O.S. Flint, Jr., 2 females (NMNH); Brewster Co., Big Bend National Park, Windows Creek, 5-10.iv.1993, J. Gelhaus, 2 females (NMNH); Val Verde Co., San Felipe Springs, Del Rio, 29°22.1'N, 100°53.1'W, 1.vi.1997, C.M. and O.S. Flint, Jr., 9 females (NMNH).


Named for Limpia Creek, the location where the holotype was collected.