Minettia austriaca Hennig 1951, Hennig, 1951

Semelbauer, Marek & Kozánek, Milan, 2014, The immatures of lauxaniid flies (Diptera: Lauxaniidae) and their taxonomical implications, Zootaxa 3780 (3), pp. 401-454: 412-414

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Minettia austriaca Hennig 1951


Minettia austriaca Hennig 1951  

Living larvae cylindrical, the distal parts of Malpighian tubules expanded.

Egg ( Figs 9, 10 View FIGURES 9 – 14 ). 0.81–0.93 mm. Narrow and scaphoid from lateral view, with 6 poorly developed ridges. Posterior tubercle globular and spongy.

First instar. Length 1.40–1.92 mm. Number of scraping cirri per row large (up to 30 in the first row). Row of scraping cirri developed posteriorly to the first one.

Cephaloskeleton ( Fig. 165 View FIGURES 162 – 167 ). Length 0.27–0.28 mm. Mouth hooks with 6–7 teeth, stalked part hyaline. Labrum with indicated apical tooth.

Second instar. Length 2.56–3.56 mm. Preparation for SEM was not successful.

Cephaloskeleton ( Fig. 180 View FIGURES 177 – 182 ). Length 0.60–0.61 mm. Mouth hooks subparallel, tips ending in two teeth; dental sclerite week. Ventral bridge descending posteriad. Epistomal sclerite broad, arched from dorsal view, hyaline plate present. Subhypostomal sclerites slightly diverging with converging tips. Dorsal bridge trapezoid. Basal portion of the ventral cornua and the vertical plates striolated, dorsal margin sclerotised, posterior end convex. Cibarium slightly pigmented.

Third instar ( Figs 59–64 View FIGURES 59 – 64 ). Length 3.38–5.75 mm. Dorsal surface of labial lobe with transversal lamellae in three rows.

Thoracic segments mostly smooth. Abdominal segments villous from lateral and partly from dorsal side. Anterior spiracles with number of papillae organized in horseshoe-like manner.

Cephaloskeleton ( Fig. 195 View FIGURES 192 – 197 ). Length 0.91–1.07 mm. Mouth hooks subparallel, dorsal apodeme converging, dental sclerite weak, simple. Intermediate sclerite with tips bend ventrally; ventral bridge simple, descending posteriad. Epistomal sclerite semilunar, as long as broad, posterior hyaline plate semilunar. Subhypostomal sclerites arched, diverging; ligulate sclerites as large converging vertical plates. Dorsal bridge semilunar to rectangular, dorsal cornua slender comparing to ventral cornua, medial part of ventral cornua finely striolated, auricle only indicated, posterior half of ventral cornua sclerotised and convex. Cibarium slightly pigmented.