Agromyza albipennis Meigen

Lonsdale, Owen, 2021, Manual of North American Agromyzidae (Diptera, Schizophora), with revision of the fauna of the " Delmarva " states, ZooKeys 1051, pp. 1-481: 1

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Agromyza albipennis Meigen


Agromyza albipennis Meigen  

Figs 34 View Figures 24–36 , 143-146 View Figures 143–146

Agromyza albipennis   Meigen, 1830: 171. Spencer 1969: 32; Spencer and Steyskal 1986b: 262; Černý et al. 2020: 194.

Agromyza dubitata   Malloch, 1913a: 311. Frick 1953: 68 [as synonym Agromyza reptans   Fallén], 1957: 199 [as synonym Agromyza nigripes   Meigen]. Spencer and Steyskal 1986b [syn.].

Agromyza albo-hyalinata   Zetterstedt, 1848: 2742. Griffiths 1963 [synonymy].

Agromyza albipennis fennica   Griffiths, 1963: 128. Spencer 1976 [synonymy].


Wing length 2.1-2.9 mm (♂), 2.5-3.5 mm (♀). Length of ultimate section of vein M4 divided by penultimate section: 0.6-0.8. Eye height divided by gena height: 3.6-5.6. First flagellomere relatively elongate with dorsoapical corner slightly pointed; velvety with small apical tuft of dense pale hairs (only distinct when viewed anteriorly). Fronto-orbital plate and parafacial slightly pronounced, curving under eye as cheek. Ocellar triangle reaching level of anterior ors, sides concave.

Chaetotaxy: Two ors, two or three ori (if three, anterior seta smaller). Four postsutural dorsocentrals, anterior two much shorter. Mid tibia with two posteromedial setae.

Colouration: Body black with halter white and wing veins paler and fore knee sometimes very narrowly yellow. Calypter margin and hairs white. Faint greenish shine sometimes evident, mostly on abdomen.

Genitalia: (Figs 143-146 View Figures 143–146 ) Surstylus broad and triangular, entirely fused to epandrium, margin darkly pigmented, setae clustered at apex and inner margin with several medial to subapical tubercle-like setae. Inner lobe of hypandrium with furrows leading to base of setae. Postgonite small, flat, lobe-like. Halves of basiphallus converging to point of fusion at base; apices abruptly converging; right 1/2 with long membranous extension at midpoint. Distiphallus of " Agromyza nigripes   -type" (capsule-shaped with subbasal opening for entry of ejaculatory duct, pronounced dorsobasal collar, and medial convolution), with sides parallel medially, one pair of elongate parallel dark ventromedial swellings, and a slightly broadened apical margin with inner surface minutely spinulose; slightly angled dorsally.


Poaceae  - Triticum aestivum   (only known North American host), Agrostis   , Arrhenatherum   , Brachypodium   , Bromus   , Calamagrostis   , Dactylis   , Deschampsia   , Festuca   , Glyceria   , Hordeum   , Milium   , Phalaris   , Phalaroides   ( Ellis 2021), Phleum   , Poa   , Secale   , Setaria   . In Europe, most commonly occurring on Phalaria arundinacea   , Hordeum   and Poa   ( Spencer and Steyskal 1986b; Benavent-Corai et al. 2005).


Canada: AB, BC, MB, NB*, NL, NS*, NT, NU*, ON, QC, SK*, YT*. USA: AK, CA, CO, DC*, IA, IL, MA, MD*, MI, NC*, NY, OH, PA*, SC*. Widespread in Palaearctic ( Černý et al 2020).

Type material.

Syntype [ Agromyza albipennis   ]: Austria [not given] (1♀, NMW). [Not examined].

Syntype [ Agromyza dubitata   ]: USA. MA: Beverly (1♀, USNM; two females reported in Spencer and Steyskal 1986b).

Paratypes examined

[ Agromyza dubitata   ]: Canada. QC: Beaulieu, Ile de Montreal, 14.vii.1906 (1♀, USNM), Ottawa [illegible], Beaulieu, 20.vii.1912, “13” (1♀, USNM), Cottage Beaulieu, Beaulieu, 16.vii.1906, “15” (1♀, USNM), Cottage Beaulieu, Beaulieu, 21.viii.1906, “19” (1♀, USNM), Cottage Beaulieu, Beaulieu,, "21 0" (1♀, USNM). USA. MA: Beverly, 23.viii.1969 (1♀, USNM).

Syntypes [ Agromyza albo   - Agromyza hyalinata   ]: "Ovasa ad Esperod Scaniae … Dania" (? ZIL). [Not examined].

Holotype [ Agromyza albipennis   Agromyza fennica   ]: Finland. Messuby (1♂, UZMH). [Not examined].

Additional material examined.

Canada. AB: Black Foot Hills, 9.viii.1940, A.R. Brooks, CNC352861 (1♀, CNC), Lethbridge,, H.L. Seamans, CNC352860 (1♀, CNC), Banff Natl. Pk., Lk. Louise, 1402 m, 7.vii.1955, R. Coyles, CNC352693 (1♀, CNC), Banff, Jasper Hwy, Sunwapta Pass, 2011 m, 7.vii.1955, R. Coyles, CNC352692 (1♀, CNC), Elkwater,, CNC352652 (1♂, CNC), Onefour, 49°6'0"N, 110°24'0"W,, J.R. Vockeroth, CNC352653, CNC352654 (2♂, CNC), Elk Island N.P. Wood Bison Trail wetland alongside aspen forest, lots of tall grass, 53.5666°N, 112.8514°W, 722 m, BIOBus, 1.vii.2012, BIOUG06731-D05 (1♂, CNC), Waterton Lakes NP, Highway 6 pulloff east of 2 Flags Lookout montane forest, douglas fir and lodgepole pine (mostly conifer with aspen/birch understory), 49.065°N, 113.7781°W, 1562 m, BIOBus, 11.viii.2012, BIOUG06502-C07 (1♀, CNC), BC: Liard Hot Spg. Mi496 Alaska Hwy, 457 m, 9-10.vii.1959, E.E. MacDougall, CNC352698 (1♀, CNC), Moosehorn Lake , 58°10'0"N, 132°7'0"W, 1371 m, 25.vii.1960, R. Pilfrey, CNC352658 (1♂, CNC), Summit L., Mi392 Alaska Hwy, 1402 m, 16.vii.1959, E.E. MacDougall, CNC352699 (1♀, CNC), Terrace,,, C.H. Mann, CNC352655, CNC352656, CNC352657, CNC352697 (3♂ 1♀, CNC), Vernon, 3.ix.1931, R.D. Bird, CNC352651, 2s37, IV 31 (1♂, CNC), Bobson, 6.v.1952, H.R. Foxlee, CNC352862 (1♀, CNC), Oliver, 20.v.1923, C.B. Garrett, CNC352863 (1♀, CNC), Vernon, 31.vii.1937, H. Leech, CNC352864 (1♀, CNC), Victoria, 20.v.1919, W. Downes, CNC352844 (1♂, CNC), MB: Minnedosa, 5mi N, 8.vii.1958, R.L. Hurley, CNC352690 (1♀, CNC), Shilo, 5mi SW, 28.v.1958, R.B. Madge, CNC352663 (1♂, CNC), Western MB, Riding Mountain Nat. Pk. - North Escarpment Trailhead wet meadow/marsh, 50.674°N, 99.65°W, 726 m, J. Straka, J. Crossey, 15.viii.2008, 08BDIP-1973 (1♀, CNC), Aweme,, N. Criddle, CNC352842 (2♂, CNC), 28.viii.1917, CNC352843 (1♂, CNC), NB: Kouchibouguac N.P., 8.vii.1977, J.F. McAlpine, Code-6020N, CNC352688, CNC352689 (2♀, CNC), NL: Gros Morne; Gros Morne Mountain Hiking Trail , 49.5657°N, 57.8324°W, 39 m, J. Crossey, R. Labbee, A. Smith, M. Zhang, 15.vii.2009, 09BBEDI-0938 (1♀, CNC), St. John's , Agric. Exp. Sta., 12.vii.1967, 15.vii.1967, J.F. McAlpine, CNC353033, CNC353041, CNC353042 (2♂ 1♀, CNC), NS: Kentville, 22.viii.1912, from tortricid larva on apple, [illegible], CNC352650 (1♂, CNC), NT: Ft. McPherson, 19.vii.1957, R. Hurley, CNC352695 (1♀, CNC), NU: [N.W.T.] Muskox L., 64°45'0"N, 108°10'0"W, 2.viii.1953, J.G. Chillcott, CNC352696 (1♀, CNC), ON: Almonte, 18.v.1951, J.F. McAlpine, CNC352679 (1♀, CNC), Hailerbury, 12.viii.1947, G.S. Walley, CNC352646 (1♂, CNC), Marmora,, 13.v.1952, J.C. Mitchell, J.R. Vockeroth, CNC352674, CNC352675, CNC352676 (3♀, CNC), Maynooth, 25.v.1951, J.F. McAlpine, CNC352677 (1♀, CNC), Minnedosa, 5mi N, 8.vii.1958, R.L. Hurley, CNC352691 (1♀, CNC), Normandale, 42°42'0"N, 80°19'0"W, 27.v.1956, J.R. Vockeroth, CNC352645 (1♂, CNC), 29.v.1956, J.R. Lonsway, CNC352678 (1♀, CNC), Ottawa, 8.vii.1952, G.E. Shewell, CNC352647 (1♂, CNC), Port Hope , 25.v.1925, N.K. Bigelow, CNC352680 (1♀, CNC), Port Severn , 3mi N, 18.v.1959, J.G. Chillcott, CNC352681 (1♀, CNC), Putnam,, G.S. Walley, CNC352644 (1♂, CNC), St. Williams , 42°40'0"N, 80°25'0"W, 23.v.1956, J.R. Vockeroth, CNC352649 (1♂, CNC), Turkey Pt., 42°39'0"N, 80°21'0"W, 25.v.1956, J.R. Vockeroth, CNC352683 (1♀, CNC), Brockville, 5.viii.1903, W. Metcalfe, CNC352847 (1♀, CNC), Cottage Beaulieu, 16.vii.1906, 145, CNC352854 (1♀, CNC), Mer Bleue, 10.v.1938, G.E. Shewell, CNC352834 (1♂, CNC), Norway Point, Lake of Bays , 31.vii.1919, J. McDunnough, CNC352851 (1♀, CNC), Orillia, 18.vii.1923, C.H. Curran, CNC352848 (1♀, CNC), 17.viii.1923, CNC352850 (1♀, CNC), Ottawa, 15.vii.1938, A. Brooks, CNC352830 (1♂, CNC), Ottawa, 11.ix.1947, G.E. Shewell, CNC352829 (1♂, CNC), Ottawa, A. Brooks, 5.vii.1938, CNC352852 (1♂, CNC), Ottawa, 27.vii.1912, Beaulieu, CNC352853 (2♂ 2♀, CNC), Pt. Ryerse,, G.E. Shewell, CNC352835 (1♂, CNC), St. Johns , Little Montreal River , 9.vii.1937, G.E. Shewell, CNC352855 (1♀, CNC), Simcoe,, G.E. Shewell, CNC352849 (1♀, CNC), Simcoe, G.E. Shewell,, CNC352831 (1♂, CNC), Simcoe, G.E. Shewell,, CNC352832 (1♂, CNC), Simcoe, G.E. Shewell, 29.v.1939, CNC352833 (3♂ 1♀, CNC), Metcalfe, 2mi N,, B.E. Cooper, CNC353037 (1♂, CNC), Metcalfe, 25.v.1983, B.E. Cooper, CNC353038 (1♂, CNC), Ottawa, damp second-growth Acer   - Betula   wood, 15.viii.2003, 20.vii.1974,, J.R. Vockeroth, CNC353032, CNC353035, CNC353036 (2♂ 1♀, CNC), Port Severn , 3mi N, black spruce bog, 18.v.1959, J.G. Chillcott, CNC353039, CNC353034 (2♂, CNC), QC: Ile de Montreal , 7.vii.1906, Beaulieu, CNC352837 (1♂, CNC), Old Chelsea,, J.R. Vockeroth, CNC353040 (1♂, CNC), St. Johns , Little Montreal River , 9.vii.1937, G.E. Shewell, CNC352836 (1♂, CNC), Wakefield, 9.vii.1946, G.E. Shewell, CNC352838 (1♂, CNC), Woburn,, C.H. Curran, CNC352859 (1♀, CNC), Aylmer, 16.vii.1959, C.H. Mann, CNC352684 (1♀, CNC), Farnham,, J.R. Vockeroth, CNC352642, CNC352682 (1♂ 1♀, CNC), Hull,, J.R. Vockeroth, CNC352685 (1♀, CNC), Indian House L., 20.vii.1954,, 27.vii.1954, R. Coyle, R. Coyles, W.R. Richards, CNC352648, CNC352686, CNC352687 (1♂ 2♀, CNC), Knowlton, Bolton Pass, 243 m,, J.R. Vockeroth, CNC352641 (1♂, CNC), Mt. Orford , 365 m,, J.R. Vockeroth, CNC352643 (1♂, CNC), Abbotsford, G. Shewell, 29.v.1936, CNC352839, CNC352858 (1♂ 1♀, CNC), Abbotsford, 10.viii.1937, G.E. Shewell, CNC352840 (1♂, CNC), Abbotsford, G. Shewell, 20.viii.1936, CNC352841 (1♂, CNC), 30.v.1936, CNC352857 (1♀, CNC), Abbotsford, 20.v.1931, J.B. Maltais, CNC352856 (3♂ 3♀, CNC), SK: Christopher L., 27.viii.1948, A.R. Brooks, CNC352705, CNC352706 (2♀, CNC), Val Marie , 49°15'0"N, 107°44'0"W,,, J.R. Vockeroth, CNC352659, CNC352662, CNC352664, CNC352665, CNC352666, CNC352700, CNC352701, CNC352702, CNC352703, CNC352704, CNC352707 (5♂ 6♀, CNC), Grasslands National Park , Visitor’s Center grass cattle pasture, 49.246°N, 107.732°W, 812 m, J. Cossey, N. Jeffery, J. Straka, 14.vii.2008, 08BBDIP-2742 (1♂, CNC), Saskatoon, 12.vii.1940, 22.vii.1939, 25.v.1926, 25.viii.1923, 28.ix.1925, sf. wheat, A.P. Robinson, K.M. King, King, 13288; D679; '41, 1328B; D676; '41, 1328B; D677, 1328B; D678, 16410- 3N9B, 16423 1229B; D348, 16425 26BS5; D350, 63AN, D663, CNC352845, CNC352846, CNC352865, CNC352866, CNC352867, CNC352868, CNC352869, CNC352870, CNC352871 (2♂ 7♀, CNC), YT: Otter Lake , 1219 m, 15.vii.1960, J.E. H. Martin, CNC352694 (1♀, CNC) GoogleMaps   . USA. AK: Anchorage,, 3.vii.1951, IDEMA Illustration, R.S. Bigelow, CNC352668, CNC352720 (1♂ 1♀, CNC), Fairbanks,, J.B. Bartley, CNC352669 (1♂, CNC), Mackenzie Delta, Reindeer Depot,, J.R. Vockeroth, CNC352661 (1♂, CNC), Umiat, 13.vii.1959, 24.vii.1959, 5.vii.1959, 6.vii.1959, 7.vii.1959, 7.viii.1959, 9.viii.1959, IDEMA Illustration, J.E.H. Martin, R. Madge, CNC352660, CNC352667, CNC352673, CNC352712, CNC352713, CNC352714, CNC352715, CNC352716, CNC352717, CNC352718, CNC352719 (3♂ 8♀, CNC), CO: Walden, 11.viii.1965, G.F. Knowlton (1♂, USNM), Doolittle Ranch, 9800', Mt. Evans, 9.vii.1961, C.H. Mann (1♂, USNM), Doolittle Ranch, Mt. Evans , 2987 m, 3.viii.1961, 9.vii.1961, C.H. Mann, CNC352670, CNC352708 (1♂ 1♀, CNC), Boulder, 5500',, B.H. Poole (1♀, USNM), Mt. Evans , 3535 m, 11.vii.1961, C.H. Mann, CNC352711 (1♀, CNC), Mt. Evans , 3566 m, 22.vii.1961, B.H. Poole, CNC352710 (1♀, CNC), Nederland, 2529 m, 5.vii.1961, J.G. Chillcott, CNC352672 (1♂, CNC), Jackson Co., Rabbit Ears Pass , 7.vii.1961, J.G. Chillcott, CNC352671, CNC352709 (1♂ 1♀, CNC), DC: Theo Roosevlt Id ,, W.N. Mathis (1♂, USNM), MA: Boston , June (1♂ 1♀, USNM), Concord , 19.vii.1961, marsh, W.W. Wirth (2♂ 3♀, USNM), Forest Hills , 21.ix.1913, A.L. Melander (2♀, USNM), MD: Colesville , 4.vii.1976, W.W. Wirth (2♀, USNM), Colesville ,, Malaise trap, W.W. Wirth (1♀, USNM), NC: Macon Co. , Highlands , Lake Ravenel ,, Malaise trap, W.W. Wirth (1♂, USNM), NY: Ithaca , 15.viii.1926, A.L. Melander (1♂, USNM), Geneva , 28.v.1914, A.L. Melander (1♂, USNM), Long Island , Cold Spring Harbor, A.L. Melander (1♂ 2♀, USNM), Allegany State park ,, mossy woods, W.W. Wirth (1♀, USNM), PA: Mineral Spr., 5.ix.1927, A.L. Melander (1♂, USNM), Chester Co. , Avondale , Stroud Res. Ctr., 28.ix.2006, K. Styer (1♀, UDCC), SC: Black Falls , 7.viii.1953, A.L. Melander (1♀, USNM)   .


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Agromyza albipennis Meigen

Lonsdale, Owen 2021

Agromyza dubitata

Malloch 1913

Agromyza albipennis

Meigen 1830

Agromyza nigripes

Meigen 1830

Agromyza reptans

Fallen 1823