Ichnea aterrima (Klug, 1842)

Opitz, Weston, 2010, Classification, Natural History, and Evolution of the Epiphloeinae (Coleoptera: Cleridae). Part VIII. The Genera Acanthocollum Opitz, Stegnoclava Opitz, and Ichnea Laporte, The Coleopterists Bulletin (mo 9) 64, pp. 1-65 : 33-36

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Ichnea aterrima (Klug, 1842)


Ichnea aterrima (Klug, 1842)

( Figs. 71–74, 124, 125 View Figs , 139 View Figs , 167 View Figs , 189 View Figs , 193, 194 View Figs ; Map 4 View Map 4 )

Enoplium aterrimum Klug, 1842: 378 . Holotype male. México (ZMHB). (Specimen point mounted, gender label affixed to paper point; mount card; locality/identification label; type label; specimen number label; ZMHB repository label; acronymic label; holotype label; identification label, plastic vial with aedeagus.) Spinola 1844: 162; Lacordaire 1857: 477; Gemminger and Harold 1869: 1751; Lohde 1900: 100; Schenkling 1903: 102, 1910: 122; Gorham 1883: 181; Knull 1939: 27; Blackwelder 1945: 389; Corporaal 1950: 270; Opitz 2002: 273, 275 (misspelled as atterima).

Ichnea mexicana Thomson, 1860: 65 . Holotype ♀ and four paratypes. Mexico. (MNHN). New synonymy. The characteristics used to describe this nominal species represent intraspecific variation. Gemminger and Harold 1869: 1751; Chevrolat 1876: 36; Lohde 1900: 101; Gorham 1883: 179; Schenkling 1910: 123; Corporaal 1950: 271; Opitz 1997: 75 ( Fig. 56, not 55 which is a photograph of I. praeusta ).

Ichnea religiosa Chevrolat, 1874: 323 . Lectotype ♂. Herein designated. México, Oaxaca, Da Salle (MNHN). New synonymy. The characteristics used to describe this nominal species represent intraspecific variation. Gorham 1883: 180; Lohde 1900: 102; Schenkling 1903: 102, 1910: 123; Blackwelder 1945: 389; Corporaal 1950: 272.

Ichnea vitticollis Kuwert, 1894:11 . Lectotype, gender unknown. Herein designated. México (MNHN). New synonymy. The characteristics used to describe this nominal species represent intraspecific variation. Lohde 1900: 102; Schenkling 1903: 102, 1910: 124; Blackwelder 1945: 389; Corporaal 1950: 271.

Ichnea kuwerti Lohde, 1899: 305 . New synonymy. Unnecessary replacement name for Ichnea vitticollis Kuwert , which is not congeneric with Ichnea vitticollis Gorham (1877: 415) . The characteristics used to describe this nominal species represent intraspecific variation.

Ichnea elongata Knull, 1939: 27 . Holotype ♀. Williams , Arizona, 9-VIII-1939, D. J. and J. N. Knull (FMNH). New synonymy. Corporaal 1950: 27; Opitz 2002: 278.

Diagnosis. This is the only species in the genus that has a phenon whose specimens are entirely dark brown to black. Members of this dark phenon are known only from southwestern U.S.A. and midwestern Mexico. All other members of this species are readily identified by the color of the pronotum whose sides are black and disc center vertically yellow.

Description. Size: Length 7.2 mm; width 2.5 mm. Form ( Fig. 139 View Figs ): Narrowly triangular. Integumental color ( Figs. 71–74): Dark brown. Head: HW/ PW 1.0; frons indented; EW/ VW 2.6; antenna as in Fig. 167 View Figs , funicle compressed. Thorax: Pronotum as in Fig. 124 View Figs , PL/PW 1.1; elytra strongly flared to posterior two-thirds, EL/PL 5.1; EL/EW 2.5; anterior margin of protibia with 12 spines. Male genitalia: Aedeagus as in Fig. 189 View Figs . Male mesodermal internal reproductive organs ( Fig. 193 View Figs ): Medial accessory gland shorter than undulating lateral gland; testis comprised of 12 follicles. Female mesodermal internal reproductive organs ( Fig. 194 View Figs ): Spermatheca not capsular; spermathecal gland attached to subapex of spermatheca; bursa copulatrix capsular.

Variation. Size: length 6.0–12.0 mm; width 1.5– 4.0 mm. There is considerable color variation involving the cranium, pronotum, and elytra. Most often the cranium is yellow with postocular dark streaks that blend posteriorly with dark lateral aspects of the pronotum. The latter has a broad, vertical yellow line at mid-disk. Color of the elytra ranges from completely black to completely yellow brown; specimens may have dark and light regions as depicted in Figs. 71–74.

Natural History. Specimens were captured from April through August, at 300–1,800 m, with a Malaise trap, at black light, under bark, and amidst trees in an oak forest. Donald E. Bright collected one specimen in the Chiricahua Mountains of Arizona from Pinus ponderosa C. Lawson ( Pinaceae ).

Distribution. Known from the USA to Ecuador ( Map 4 View Map 4 ).

Specimens Examined. 205. USA: New Mexico, Otero Co., Cloudcroft; Grant Co. , Pinos Altos : Arizona, Chiricahua Co, Chiricahua Mountains , 2- VIII-1952, D. J. & J. N. Knull; Coconino Co., 16 km SW Flagstaff, 14-VIII-1968, on Pinus ponderosa, D. E. Bright . MEXICO: Tamaulipas, 10 km E Tula , 10-V-1994, 1189 m, oak forest, J. E. Wappes : Nayarit, 21 km NW Ahuacation, 25-VIII-1959, R. B. Selander; 16 km E Tula 10-V-1994, 1188 m

Oak Forest, J.E. Wappes: Jalisco, 18 km N Volcanes, 20°23′N 104°38′W, 29-VI-1995, 1710 m, F. A. Noguera & A. Rodriquez: Veracruz, 10 km N Fortin, 21-29-VII-1976, E. Giesbert; Cordova (= Cordoba), Salle; Cordoba, 6-VII- 74, 930 m, J. Powell & J. Linsley; Fortin de las Flores, 1-VIII-64, H.V. Daly; 8 km W Orizaba, 7-VII-1962, J.M. Campbell; 14–16 km W S’ ntcompn, 4-6-V-1994; 5 km N Coscomtepec, 7-8-VI-1991, J.A. Chemsak; Estación Biologico Los Tuxtlas, 1-9-VII-1988, J.A. Chemsak: Morelos, 6 km W Vautepec, 17-18-X-1984, E. Giesbert: Oaxaca, 21 km S Suchixtepec, 14-VII- 1973, Mastro & Schaffner; idem, 16-VII-1973, Mastro & Schaffner; Yolotepec, Salle: Chiapas, 9.8 km N Ocosingo, 20-VI-1990, R. Turnbow; 9.6 km E San Cristóbal de las Casas, 2-VI-1969, H. F. Howden; idem, 19-V-1969, H. F. Howden; Laguna Montebello, 30-VII-1974, collected at night, C. W. O’ Brien; Lagos de Colores, 14-VI- 1969, D. E. Bright; idem, 30-V- 1969, 152 m, Malaise Trap, D. E. Bright; Simojovel, 18-31-VII-1958, J.A. Chemsak. GUATEMALA: Baja Verapaz: S. Gerónimo, Champion: Chiqimula, 10 km N Esquipulas, 11-VI-1991, J. E. Wappes; idem, 11- VI-1991, E. Giesbert: Zacapa, 8 km S San Lorenzo, 22-X-1990, E. Giesbert; 2 km S San Lorenzo, 3- 5-VI-1989, 1646 m, E. Giesbert: Huehuetenango, 15 km N Nentón, 5-VI- 1997, 950 m, E. Giesbert & J. Monzon: Izabal, 23 km SE Morales, 23-27- V-1995, Giesbert & Monzón: Sacatepéquez, Antigua, 20-VIII-1947, 1524 m, C&P Vaurie: El Progreso, Sierra de las Minas, 19 km N Estanoia de la Virgen, 18-20-IV-1990, 1829 m, E. Giesbert. BELIZE: Orange Walk, Rio Bravo Cons. area Texas camp, 11-VII-1996, C. W. & L. B. O’ Brien; idem, 13-VII-1996, C. W. & L. B. O’ Brien; idem, 15-VII- 1996, C. W. & L. B. O’ Brien; idem, 18-VII-1996, C. W. & L. B. O’ Brien; idem, 19-VII-1996, C. W. & L. B. O’ Brien. HONDURAS: Cortes, 1 km W El Jaral Finca Fe, 8-VIII-1977, C. W. O’ Brien; Peña Blanca, Lago Yojoa, 21-VI-1979, at light, J. A. Chemsak: Atlántida, Parque Nacional Pico Bonito, El Manchon, 15°29′ N 18″ 87°07′39″W, 20-III- 2000, A. Lopez Martinez; Tela Tela, 27-V-1993, R. Cave: Yoro, Linda Vista, Pico Pijol , 15°10′N 87°05′W, 13-VII-1996, R. D. Cave; Palo de Comba, 15°11′N 87°39′W, 5-VIII-1995, R. Cave: Olancho, La Muralla Parque Nacional, 24-27-V- 1995, J. E. Wappes; La Muralla Parque Nacional, 24-V-1995, R. Turnbow; idem, 25-V-1995, R. Turnbow; idem, 26-V-1995, R. Turnbow; La Muralla Parque Nacional 14 km N La Union, 26-27-V-1995, R. D. Cave; La Muralla, 24-V-1995, R. Morris; La Muralla Parque Nacional 15 km N La Union, 15°07′N 86°45′W, IV-1995, R. Cave; La Muralla Parque Nacional 14 km N. La Union, 25-26-V-1995, R. D. Cave; La Muralla Parque Nacional, 14 km N La Unión, 15°07′N 86°45′W, V-1995; 16 km SW Juticalpa, 16-VI- 1974, 427 m, C. W. O’ Brien: Francisco Morazán, 7.6 km N Guaimaca, 14°36′N 86°49′W, 26-VI- 1994, 820 m, under bark, J. Ashe & R. Brooks; San Juan del Rancho, Tegucigalpa, 18-X-1987, R. D. Cave; San Antonio de Oriente, El Zamorano, 27-VI-1988, J. Magana: El Paraíso, Cerro Monserrat, 7 km SW Yuscarán, 8-VI-1994, 1800 m, H. & A. Howden; idem, 30-VI-1994, H. & A. Howden. NICARAGUA: Matagalpa, Montaña Selva Negra 7.5 km N Matagalpa, 13°00′1″N 85°54′32″W, 15-16-VI-2001, 1300 m, B. Ratcliffe, M. L. Jameson & R. Cave; Santa Martha, 8 km N Matagalpa, 12-IX-1976, Edward S. Ross: Granada: Reserva Nacional, Volcán Mombacho, entrance road, 11°50′ 05″N 85°58′83″W, 2-VI- 2002, 750 m, on bark, R. Brooks & Z. Falin, & S. Chatzimanolis; idem, Finca Santa Anna, 21-VI- 1998, 600 m, Malaise trap in organic coffee, J. M. Maes; idem, 16-III-1998, Malaise trap in cloud forest, J. M. Maes; idem, 15-IV-1998, Malaise trap in cloud forest, J. M. Maes; idem, Finca El Progresso, 31-III- 1998, Malaise trap in nonorganic coffee, J. M. Maes; idem, 30-IV-1998, Malaise trap in nonorganic coffee, J. M. Maes; idem, 2-VI-1998, Malaise trap in nonorganic coffee, J. M. Maes; idem, 21-VI-1998, Malaise trap in nonorganic coffee, J. M. Maes idem, Finca San Joaquin, 21-VI-1998, Malaise trap in nonorganic coffee, J. M. Maes; idem, 30-VI-1998, Malaise trap in nonorganic coffee, J. M. Maes. COSTA RICA: Guanacaste, Cerro El Hacha, Santa Rosa NP, 22-VI-13-VII- 1985, 300 m, D. Janzen; idem, 14-IX-5-X-1985, D. Janzen; idem, 24- VII-14V-1985, D. Janzen; 3 km SE R. Naranjo, 14- 16-VI-1993, F. D. Parker; Estación Cacao SW side Volcan Cacao, 1988, 1000–1400 m Malaise trap; Sendero Santa Maria P.N. Rincon de la Vieja E Las Pailas, 7-23-I- 1994, 800 m Malaise trap, E Araya; Estación Maritza lado oeste Volcán Orosi, II- 1992, 600 m Malaise trap; idem, 1988: San José, 27-VI- 1925, Coil. Schmidt; Farm La Caja 8 km W San José, XI-XII-1924, Hamburg: Cartago, 7 km NE Pavones, 30-V-1985, J. Doyen; Turriabla, 3-XII- 1972, 600 m, V. O. Becker; idem, 26-VII- 1973, 600 m, V. O. Becker: Puntarenas, Monteverde, 20- V-1985, 1300 m, J. T. Doyden; Monteverde, 26-V- 3-VI-1984, E. 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10-VII-1983, 1250 m, R. Davidson; idem, 1-10-VII- 1983, R. Davidson; Hojal, 9-VIII-1983, R. Davidson. Specimens are deposited in ALAS, AMNH, BMNH, CASC, CDAE, CHAH, CMNC, CMNH, CNCI, DEIG, EBCC, EMEC, EMUS, FMNH, FSCA, IMLA, INBC, MIZA, JEWC, JNRC, JPHC, LACM, MCZC, MIUP, MNHN, MRAC, RDCC, RFMC, RGCG, RHTC, SEAN, SEMC, STRI, TAMU, TUMC, UMMZ, UCAG, UNSM, USNM, WOPC, ZMAN , and ZMHB.

Notes. Ichnea kuwerti Lohde is a name established by Lohde (1899) to replace Ichnea vitticollis Kuwert , a presumed junior homonym of Ichnea vitticollis Gorham. However , Ichnea vitticollis Gorham is actually a junior synonym of Apolopha reichei Spinola (Opitz 1998) .


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Ichnea aterrima (Klug, 1842)

Opitz, Weston 2010

Ichnea elongata

Knull 1939: 27