Dugesia maghrebiana Stocchino et al., 2009, Stocchino et al., 2009

Gammoudi, Mehrez, Garbouj, Myriam, Egger, Bernhard & Tekaya, Saïda, 2017, Updated inventory and distribution of free-living flatworms from Tunisian waters, Zootaxa 4263 (1), pp. 120-138: 130

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Dugesia maghrebiana Stocchino et al., 2009


Dugesia maghrebiana Stocchino et al., 2009  

Habitat and locality in Tunisia from bibliography. Animals were collected under pebbles in a film of water running down from a small spring on the slope of the Oued El Akarit in South Eastern Tunisia, 25 km north of Gabes, along the Gabes-Sfax road and railway ( Stocchino et al. 2009).

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