Crataegus heldreichii Boiss., Diagn.

Reich, Dieter, Gutermann, Walter, Bardy, Katharina, Rainer, Heimo, Raus, Thomas, Sonnleitner, Michaela, Tan, Kit & Lachmayer, Margarita, 2021, The type specimens in Eugen von Halácsy´s Herbarium Graecum, Phytotaxa 493 (1), pp. 1-156: 105-106

publication ID 10.11646/phytotaxa.493.1.1

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Crataegus heldreichii Boiss., Diagn.


Crataegus heldreichii Boiss., Diagn.   pl. orient. sér. 2, 2: 47. 1856.

Current name: Crataegus heldreichii  

Isolectotype :—[ Greece] In regione abietina m. Parnethis Atticae, 3500–4000’: May 1854, T. H. H   . von Heldreich 113 ( WU 0076482)   .

Lectotype in W ( W 0102337) designated by Christensen (1992: 49).  

Crataegus monogyna var. halacsy Hayek, Repert.   Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. Beih. 30 1 (5–6): 756. 1926,, nom. nov. pro: Crataegus cuneata Halácsy.  

Current name: Crataegus monogyna  

Isolectotype and syntype:—[ Greece] Laconia : in districtu Alagonia Taygeti borealis, prope Megali Anastasova   :

April 1900 (flor.) & 27 August 1900 (fruct.), K. H   . Zahn s.n. [Herb. Graec. Norm. 1628] ( WU 0080221), syntype   for Crataegus cuneata Halácsy   (quod vide in Catalogue A).

Lectotype in W ( W 1901-0004605) designated by Christensen (1992: 106). The lectotype in W was collected on 27 August 1900 and thus corresponds to the fruiting specimen mounted on the left side of the voucher in the WU- Halácsy-Graec. collection. The flowering specimen collected in April 1900 mounted on the right side of this voucher accordingly belongs to a different gathering (though with the same collecting number) and thus has to be considered a syntype.  


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