Yponomeuta superplumbella, Agassiz, 2019

Agassiz, David J. L., 2019, The Yponomeutidae of the Afrotropical region (Lepidoptera: Yponomeutoidea), Zootaxa 4600 (1), pp. 1-69 : 14

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Yponomeuta superplumbella

sp. nov.

13. Yponomeuta superplumbella sp. nov.

Description of adult ( Plate 2). Wingspan 17–19 mm. Head whitish mixed pale grey; labial palpus upcurved, whitish, segment 3 slightly shorter than segment 2; scape whitish with pecten, flagellum annulate whitish and grey. Thorax whitish with three blackish spots, tegula whitish, darker anteriorly. Forewing pale grey, with black subbasal spot, row of small black spots beneath costa, another along fold, and further row above dorsum, fringe concolorous with adjacent wing. Hindwing pale grey.

Male genitalia ( Plate 10). Uncus slightly concave, socius gently curved, apex with a small spine, tegumen simple, valva ovate, more sclerotised and angled one third of distance from base, saccus about one third length of valva. Aedeagus curved, a pair of long cornuti.

Female genitalia ( Plate 19 View PLATE 19 ). Lamella postvaginalis lobes large and rounded, ostium narrow, ductus bursae membranous, narrow, corpus bursae ovate without signum.

Diagnosis. Very similar to Y. subplumbella , the adults differ in their slightly smaller size and more pronounced fascia on the forewing. In the male genitalia the valva has a curved, rather than straight, costa, the aedeagus is a little shorter and the juxta is narrower; near the base of the valva. In the female genitalia the lamella postvaginalis lobes are larger and closer together and the ostium is very small, signum absent.

Biology. The species has been bred from Maytenus senegalensis . Adults recorded in July, November and December.

Derivation of the name. On account of the similarity to subplumbella the sub ‘below’ is replaced with super ‘above’ (Latin).

Distribution. Kenya and Yemen.

Type material. Holotype: KENYA: Central , Naro Moru 2000m, 0°09’S 37°01’E, 1.xii.2006 D.J.L. Agassiz ( DJLA); GoogleMaps 3 Paratypes: 1 ♂ KENYA: Rift Valley , Gilgil 2100 m, 0°37’S 36°22’E, 23.xi.2008, D. Agassiz, L. Aarvik & A.J. Kingston ( DJLA slide No. 1299 ♂); GoogleMaps 1 ♀ KENYA: Rift Valley , Lake Elmenteita 6000 ft, 16.xii.1999, D.J.L. Agassiz; KENYA: Rift Valley , Kajaido North Dist. Maasai Lodge 1665 m. 1°23ʼ4ʼʼS 36°49ʼ51ʼʼE 8.xii.2010, D. Agassiz & L. Aarvik ( DJLA slide No. 1333 ♀). GoogleMaps

Other material examined: KENYA Eastern Province, Lewa Conservancy 2080 m, 37NCA 2838 1547, 28– 30.xi.2008, L. Aarvik, D. Agassiz & A. Kingston ; YEMEN: Prov. Dhamar, Distr. Anis, Jabal Masnah vic. Al Qubbah , 2300–2400 m 16.vii.1982, reared from Maytenus senegalensis , BMNH microlep 22635 NHMUK010862795 ( NHMUK).


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