Tmesorrhina tridens tridens Duvier, 1891, Duvier, 1891

Serrano, Artur R. M., Capela, Rúben A., Nunes, Telmo & Santos, Carmen Van-Dú- Nem Neto, 2020, The rose chafers (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Cetoniinae) of Angola: a descriptive checklist with new records and synonymic notes, Zootaxa 4776 (1), pp. 1-130: 109-110

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Tmesorrhina tridens tridens Duvier, 1891


* Tmesorrhina tridens tridens Duvier, 1891  

( Figs. 26b, c, d View FIGURE 26 )

Distribution: ANG, DOC, EQG, RCI.

Distribution in Angola (Provinces): 2) MAL.

Historic records: none.

Material examined: Carima (Cacuso-Pungo Andongo) (09º 35´ 00´´ S, 15º 42´ 01´´ E, 1117 m alt., 130) ( MAL), 17–21.XI.2017, 1♂, 1♀, CT, A. Serrano & R. Capela leg., ASC GoogleMaps   .

Remarks. A polytypic species with four subspecies. The Carima adult specimens were collected by CT in an

open secondary forest. See also the remarks under C. africana mutica   . It is a new species record for Angola and the Malanje Province.


Botanic Gardens of Malawi