Coenochilus turbatus Westwood, 1873

Serrano, Artur R. M., Capela, Rúben A., Nunes, Telmo & Santos, Carmen Van-Dú- Nem Neto, 2020, The rose chafers (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Cetoniinae) of Angola: a descriptive checklist with new records and synonymic notes, Zootaxa 4776 (1), pp. 1-130: 56-57

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Coenochilus turbatus Westwood, 1873


* Coenochilus turbatus Westwood, 1873  

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Distribution: ANG, DOC, KEN, RSA, ZIM.

Distribution in Angola (Provinces): 2) CUS, HUI.

Historic records: none

New localities reported: Negola (3,5 km SW) (14º 08´ 53´´ S, 14º 28´ 16´´ E, 1613 m alt., 317) ( HUI), 8.XII.2013, 1♂, P. Schüle leg., PMC (P. Malec, personal communication) GoogleMaps   .

Material examined: Calulo (9º 59´ 55´´S, 14º 53´ 35´´ E, 999m alt., 128) ( CUS), 27.XI-5.XII.2015, 1♂, DO, A. Serrano leg., ASC GoogleMaps   .

Remarks. A species within the C. sulcatus   group (sensu Schein 1954a). The adult male specimen of Calulo fits very well the original description, including the typical paramers conformation of the species (see Schein 1954a).

The Calulo singleton adult specimen was found on the ground during night near public lights. Biological and ecological data are not available for the species, but see general comments in Schein (1954a) and the remarks under the genus Coenochilus   . It is a new species record for Angola and the Huíla and Kwanza Sul Provinces   .


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