Leucotrichia laposka Olah & Johanson, 2011, Olah & Johanson, 2011

Thomson, Robin E. & Holzenthal, Ralph W., 2015, A revision of the Neotropical caddisfly genus Leucotrichia Mosely, 1934 (Hydroptilidae, Leucotrichiinae), ZooKeys 499, pp. 1-100: 28

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Leucotrichia laposka Olah & Johanson, 2011


Taxon classification Animalia Trichoptera Hydroptilidae

Leucotrichia laposka Olah & Johanson, 2011   Fig. 28

laposka   Oláh & Johanson, 2011: 162 [Type locality: Peru, San Martín Province, creek crossing road Juan Guerra-Chazuta, 14 km (rd.) E Colombia Bridge, NHRS; male].


Leucotrichia laposka   can be easily separated from all other species in the genus by the apparent absence of the entire subgenital plate. The trilobed apex of the phallus is also proportionately much larger in this species than in any other in the genus. The rows of elongate spines along the mesal lobe are also unique to Leucotrichia laposka   and, when viewed laterally, suggest the appearance of the spur of a cowboy boot.


Male. Length of forewing 2.4-2.8 mm (n=5). Head with posterolateral warts pronounced, originally described as “hinged” but everscibility was not apparent, with 3 ocelli; antennae unmodified. Color in alcohol brown. Genitalia. Abdominal sternum VII with slender, acute mesoventral process. Sternum VIII in ventral view with posterior margin concave. Segment IX anterolateral margin convex, posterolateral margin irregular with small knob-like structure mesally; in dorsal view anterior margin concave, posterior margin concave. Tergum × with dorsal sclerite bent ventrad, continuous with ventral sclerite; ventral sclerite bent dorsad; membranous apex with large, membranous, apicoventrally hooked projection. Subgenital plate not apparent. Inferior appendage flat, elongate, dorsal margin crenulate, without dorsal spine but sparsely setose; in ventral view fused basally, subquadrate. Phallus apex large, trilobed; mesal lobe with rows of large, elongate spines.

Material examined.

Holotype male: PERU: San Martín Province: creek crossing road Juan Guerra-Chazuta, 14 km (rd.) E Colombia Bridge, 6°35.594'S 76°13.172'W, light, loc. 09, 9.i.2009, T. Malm and K.A. Johanson (in alcohol) (NHRS-KAJO 000000328) (NHRS). Paratypes: PERU: San Martín Province: La Catarata de Ahuashiyascu, 6°27.544'S 76°18.192'W, light, loc. 07, 7.i.2009, T. Malm and K.A. Johanson, 2 males (in alcohol) (NHRS), 2 males (in alcohol) (OPC).


Laposka, Hungarian for diminutive form of “flat”, referring to the broadened inferior appendage.