Pseudamnicola georgiev, Glöer & Pešić, 2012

Gloeer, Peter & Pesic, Vladimir, 2012, The freshwater snails (Gastropoda) of Iran, with descriptions of two new genera and eight new species, ZooKeys 219, pp. 11-61: 20

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Pseudamnicola georgiev

sp. n.

Pseudamnicola georgiev   ZBK   sp. n. Fig. 9 View Figure 9

Type locality.

Markazi Province, Ashtian to Arak road (ca. 5 km after Ashtian city, Ashtian county), 50°01'E, 34°34'N, ca. 1800 m asl., 21 June 2005.


(ZMH 79370): Shell height 2.6 mm, width 1.9 mm.


(ZMH 79371): 6 ex. from type locality.


Named after Dr Dilian Georgiev in appreciation of his studies on Bulgarian hydrobiids.


The whitish shell is conical with 4.5 whorls, which are separated by a clear suture. The surface is glossy and finely striated. The apex is blunt, the umbilicus is closed, the aperture is ovate and pointed at the top. Shell height 2.4-2.6 mm, width 1.9 mm.

Differentiating features.

The conical shell with its pointed aperture ( Fig. 9 View Figure 9 ) clearly distinguished the new species from other Iranian members of the genus Pseudamnicola   .


We had only shells with dried tissue at our disposal. Since the penis morphology could not be examined, the assignment to the genus Pseudamnicola   is provisional.


Iran; only known from the type locality.