Parallocorynus (Parallocorynus) jonesi O’Brien & Tang, 2015,

Pérez-Hernández, Cisteil Xinum, 2017, An annotated catalogue of the Coleoptera types deposited in the National Insect Collection (CNIN) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Zootaxa 4288 (1), pp. 1-128: 8

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Parallocorynus (Parallocorynus) jonesi O’Brien & Tang, 2015


- Parallocorynus (Parallocorynus) jonesi O’Brien & Tang, 2015 

Paratypes: 4 [unknown sex]. MEXICO  : Chiapas, El Campirano, 2 km Ejido Andrés Quintana Roo. XI/2011. ♂ cone Dioon merolae  . Col. M. A. Pérez Farrera.

Conservation status: Complete, well-preserved.

Paratypes: 12 [unknown sex]. MEXICO  : Oaxaca, Ocotlán, San Jerónimo Taviche, VII/ VIII/2005. Reared ♂ cone Dioon  sp. aff. merolae  . Col. F. Maldonado.

Conservation status: Complete, well-preserved.