Dynaspidiotus britannicus ( Newstead, 1898 ),

Mifsud, David, Mazzeo, Gaetana, Russo, Agatino & Watson, Gillian W., 2014, The scale insects (Hemiptera: Coccoidea) of the Maltese Archipelago, Zootaxa 3866 (4), pp. 499-525: 517

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Dynaspidiotus britannicus ( Newstead, 1898 )


Dynaspidiotus britannicus ( Newstead, 1898) 

This is probably an erroneous record based on a misidentification. Borg (1932) recorded this species (as Aspidiotus britannicus  ), as frequent in many places on Pittosporum tobira  , Viburnum tinus  , Euonymus japonicus  , Hedera helix  and others. However, there are no further records of this species from Malta and all recent records from the above-mentioned host-plants are Aspidiotus nerii  . In addition, D. britannicus  has never been recorded on either Pittosporum  or Euonymus  , whereas A. nerii  has been recorded on all four of the above mentioned host plants. On the Dynaspidiotus britannicus  catalogue page, ScaleNet ( Ben-Dov et al., 2014) says: “ Aspidiotus hederae  ; Newstead, 1896: 279. Misidentification; discovered by Newstead, 1898: 94 ”. Since Borg (1932) included Aspidiotus hederae Newst.  non Vallot as a synonym of Aspidiotus britannicus  , it seems likely that he was following Newstead’s misidentification. Dynaspidiotus britannicus  is therefore excluded from the Maltese scale insect fauna.