Nyctiophylax (Paranyctiophylax) abaya, Oláh & Johanson, 2010

Oláh, János & Johanson, Kjell Arne, 2010, Fifteen new Trichoptera (Insecta) species from Sumatra, Indonesia, Zootaxa 2618 (1), pp. 1-35: 13

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.2618.1.1


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Nyctiophylax (Paranyctiophylax) abaya

new species

Nyctiophylax (Paranyctiophylax) abaya   , new species group

Species in this group have variously elongated, monolobed gonopods, each with a very large ventrobasal “elbow.” This characteristic gonopod structure is accompanied both by well-developed, downward-curving ventral and well-sclerotized dorsal paraproctal processes. There are species with dorsal paraproctal, spine-like processes that seem to be associated with the phallic organ as parameres.

This species group includes 24 primarily Oriental species and 1 species from the Neotropical Region: N. abaya Schmid   ( Sri Lanka), N. amo Malicky   ( Myanmar), N. anryutah   , new species (Sumatra), N. archemoros Malicky   ( Thailand), N. argentensis Malicky   ( Vietnam), N. amykos Malicky   ( Nepal), N. antaios Malicky (Andaman Islands)   , N. antenor Malicky   ( Nepal), N. buoc Oláh and Johanson   ( Vietnam), N. catunujah Oláh and Johanson   ( Myanmar), N. chiangmaiensis Malicky and Chantaramongkol   ( Thailand), N devanampriva Schmid   ( Sri Lanka), N. dhauli Oláh and Johanson   ( India: Orissa), N. echion Malicky and Thani   ( Thailand), N. elongatus Flint   ( Suriname), N. kabaensis Neboiss   ( Indonesia: Sulawesi), N. lumarius Neboiss   (Sulawesi), N. sarug Malicky   ( Philippines), N. suthepensis Malicky and Chantaramongkol   ( Thailand), N. taiwanensis Hsu and Chen   (Taiwan), N. tallawakanda Schmid   ( Sri Lanka), N. tonngachang Malicky and Chantaramongkol   ( Thailand), N. valmiki Malicky and Chantaramongkol   ( Thailand), N. vetuluya Schmid   ( Sri Lanka), N. zadok Malicky and Chantaramongkol   ( Thailand).