Gonaphodioides chapini ( Hinton, 1934 ) Dellacasa & Dellacasa & Gordon, 2012

Dellacasa, Marco, Dellacasa, Giovanni & Gordon, Robert D., 2012, Systematic revision of Gonaphodiellus taxa, with description of two new genera and fourteen new species (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae), Insecta Mundi 2012 (230), pp. 1-41 : 17-18

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Gonaphodioides chapini ( Hinton, 1934 )

comb. nov.

Gonaphodioides chapini ( Hinton, 1934) new combination

( Fig. 73-77 View Figure 67-77 )

Aphodius chapini Hinton, 1934: 189 ; Blackwelder 1944: 212.

Aphodius ataenioides Hinton, 1938: 123 ; Blackwelder 1944: 212 (new synonymy).

Aphodius (Blackburneus) ataenioides ; Dellacasa 1988: 229.

Aphodius (Blackburneus) chapini ; Dellacasa 1988: 351.

Aphodius (Blackburneus) castanescens Petrovitz, 1973: 145 ; Dellacasa 1988: 233 (new synonymy).

Gonaphodiellus (s. l.) chapini ; Skelley et al. 2007: 4.

Type locality. Porto Bello [Puerto Bello, Panama].

Type repository. United States National Museum, Washington, DC, U.S.A. (type examined).

Redescription. Length 4.0-4.5 mm; oblong, moderately convex, shiny, glabrous. Chestnut brown; clypeal margin, pronotal sides and elytral apex somewhat paler; legs chestnut brown; antennal club yellowish. Head with epistome feebly convex on disc, superficially microreticulate, almost evenly subregularly coarsely punctured; punctation distally confusedly superficial, somewhat sparser on disc; clypeus angulately sinuate at middle, obtusely round at sides, very finely bordered, edge slightly upturned, glabrous; genae obtusely round, not ciliate; faintly protruding from the eyes; frontal suture finely impressed, front evenly, coarsely, regularly, not closely punctured throughout. Pronotum transverse, moderately convex, evenly, almost coarsely, almost regularly, not closely punctured; punctation somewhat sparser on disc; lateral margins feebly arcuate, finely bordered, edge glabrous; hind angles obtusely truncate; truncation slightly inwardly sinuate; base bisinuate, more or less strongly crenulate by a contiguous belt of coarse punctures. Scutellum elongate, almost smooth, distinctly striolate along lateral margins. Elytra oval elongate, moderately convex, not denticulate at shoulder; on disc, striae fine, superficially punctured, faintly crenulate; on preapical declivity, striae superficial, wider and not crenulate; on disc, interstriae convex, smooth, very shiny and with extremely fine sparse punctures; preapically, interstriae almost flat, superficially microreticulate, weakly shiny and more distinctly punctured. Hind tibiae upper spur shorter than first tarsal segment; first tarsal segment as long as following three segments combined. Male: aedeagus Fig. 76-77 View Figure 67-77 . Female: fore tibiae spur relatively more slender, elongate and somewhat outward curved.

Material examined. BRAZIL: Acre, Nueva York (1 ex., male, type of Aphodius (Blackburneus) castanescens Petrovitz, 1973 , MHNG) . COSTA RICA: Alajuela, Penas Blancas , IX-X.1986, leg. E. Cruz, M.T. (1 ex., DCGI) ; Cartago, Turrialba , 28.II.1980, leg. Howden H. & A. (37 exx., CNCI) ; idem, 06.VI.1951, leg. Cartwright O. L. (1 ex., USNM) ; idem, m 650, 26.II.1980, leg. Howden H. & A. (5 exx., CNCI, DCGI) ; idem, 26.II.1980, leg. Howden H. & A., dung mega trap, Florencia sur woods (1 ex. CNCI) ; idem, m 600, 19-21.V.1979, leg. Howden H. & A., CATI (33 exx., CNCI) ; Heredia Pr., La Selva, nr. P.to Viejo , m 50, 19.II.1980, leg. Howden H. & A. (12 exx., CNCI) ; Limon P., Valle de la Estrella Pandora, 14.II.1984, leg. Howden H. & A. (1 ex., CNCI) ; Punt., Monteverde , m 140, 24.V.1979, leg. Howden H. & A. (8 exx., CNCI) ; Puntarenas Prov., Rincon de Osa , 10-15.VIII.1966, leg. Peck B. (1 ex., CNCI) ; San José P., 2 Km S Colon, m 1100, 01-16.II.1984, leg. Howden H. & A. (1 ex., CNCI) . ECUADOR: Pich [incha]. Prov., Rio Palenque , 24.II.1976, leg. Nealis V. (6 exx. CNCI, DCGI) ; Pich [incha]. Prov., 16 Km E Santo Domingo, Tinalandia , m 680, 04.V-25.VII.1985, leg. Peck S. & J., malaise-FIT, rain forest (1 ex., CNCI) ; MEXICO: Oaxaca: Ixtlán de Juárez , 17°20’07"N – 96°29’02"W, 19.IV.1993 (1 ex., DCGI) GoogleMaps . PANAMA: Canal Zone , 12-13.IX.1975, leg. Young P., human feces trap (1 ex., DCGI) ; Canal Zone, Ciricito , 03.V.1930 (1 ex., USNM) ; Cerro Campana , m 3000, 02.VIII.1970, leg. Howden H. & A. (5 exx., CNCI) ; Chiriqui Prov., Cerro Pelota , m 1500, 01-14.VII.1982, leg. Gill B. (2 exx., DCGI, CNCI) ; idem, 4 Km N Sta. Clara, VIII.1952, leg. Gill B. (2 exx., CNCI) ; Chiriqui Prov., 2 Km N Sta. Clara, Hartmann’s Finca, 8°51’N – 82°46’W, m 1300, 24- 25.V.1977, leg. Howden H. & A. (2 exx., DCGI, CNCI) GoogleMaps ; Chiriqui Prov., 2 Km N Sta. Clara , m 1300, W. Hartman’s Finca, 30-31.V.1977, leg. Howden H. & A. (8 exx., CNCI) ; idem, 8°51’N – 82°36’W, m 1300, 30- 31.V.1977, leg. Howden H. & A. (1 ex., CNCI) GoogleMaps ; Chiriqui Prov., Hartmann’s Finca , 04-07.VII.1977, leg. Morris & Wappes, feces baited pitfall trap (2 exx., MCGA) ; Colon Prov., Santa Rita Ridge , m 270, 10- 11.VI.1977, leg. Howden H. & A. (9 exx., CNCI) ; Panama Prov., Cerro Azul , 13-18.II.1996, leg. Turnbow & Wappes, swine feces baited trap (2 exx., RHTC) ; idem, 12-13.V.1996, leg. Wappes, Huether & Morris (1 ex., ISEA) ; idem, 21-27.V.1996, leg. Wappes, Huether & Morris (1 ex., MCGA) ; Panama Prov., Cerro Jefe , 30.VI.1997, leg. Turnbow R. (2 exx., DCGI, RHTC) ; Panama [Prov.], Chepo-Carti Rd , m 400, VI.1982, leg Gill B., flight interception trap (2 exx., CNCI) ; Panama Prov., K 8-13 El Llano-Carti Rd, 10-13.V.1996, leg. Wappes, Huether & Morris (1 ex., MCGA) ; idem, 21-24.V.1996, leg. Wappes, Huether & Morris (2 exx., MCGA) ; Panama Prov., Pipeline Rd K 1-12, 15-22.II.1999, leg. Wappes J. E., feces baited pitfall trap (1 ex., CNCI) ; [Panama Prov.], Porto Bello [= Puerto Bello], 11.II.1911, leg. Schwarz E. A., ex horse manure (1 ex., male, type of Aphodius chapini Hinton, 1934 , USNM) ; Pan [ama]. [Prov.], Potrellos [=Potrerillos?], II.1934 (1 ex., male, type of Aphodius ataenioides Hinton, 1938 , USNM) . PERU: Pucalpa , 11.VII.1992, leg. Peña L. E. (2 exx., DCGI) . VENEZUELA: Carab [obo]., Borbureta, P. Cabella , m 200, 13.X.1985, leg. Bordon C. (1 ex., DCGI) ; Miranda, Los Altos , m 1300, 24.XII.1983, leg. Bordon C. (1 ex., DCGI) ; Miranda, El Amarillo, S. Antonio de los Altos, sector Los Moralitos , 10°21’N – 66°56’W, m 50, 20.II.2002, leg. Zunino M. (2 exx., DCGI) GoogleMaps ; Parque Nacional de Rancho Grande , m 1300, 19.VII.1964, leg. Bordon C. (1 ex., DCGI) .

Distribution. Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico (Oaxaca), Panama, Peru, Venezuela.

Bionomics. Poorly known; the majority of specimens examined were collected in late winter and early spring.

Remarks. The new synonymies are established with the thorough study of the types of involved taxa.


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Canadian National Collection Insects


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Gonaphodioides chapini ( Hinton, 1934 )

Dellacasa, Marco, Dellacasa, Giovanni & Gordon, Robert D. 2012

Gonaphodiellus (s. l.) chapini

Skelley, P. E. & Dellacasa M. & Dellacasa G. & R. D. Gordon 2007: 4

Aphodius (Blackburneus) ataenioides

Dellacasa, M. 1988: 229

Aphodius (Blackburneus) chapini

Dellacasa, M. 1988: 351

Aphodius (Blackburneus) castanescens

Dellacasa, M. 1988: 233
Petrovitz, R. 1973: 145

Aphodius ataenioides

Blackwelder, R. E. 1944: 212
Hinton, H. E. 1938: 123

Aphodius chapini

Blackwelder, R. E. 1944: 212
Hinton, H. E. 1934: 189
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