Rhabdobaris Pulitzer-Finali, 1983

Sitjà, Cèlia & Maldonado, Manuel, 2014, New and rare sponges from the deep shelf of the Alboran Island (Alboran Sea, Western Mediterranean), Zootaxa 3760 (2), pp. 141-179 : 164

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Rhabdobaris Pulitzer-Finali, 1983


Genus Rhabdobaris Pulitzer-Finali, 1983

Diagnosis. Monotypic genus of Bubaridae , characterized by stalked and flabellate body shape, possessing long hispidating styles and a plumoreticulate internal skeleton made of choanosomal rhabdostyles, oxeas, and strongyles, with smooth and spiny forms co-occurring. Microscleres are raphides in trichodragmata (genus diagnosis herein redefined after Rhabdobaris being restituted as a valid genus; not a junior synonym of Cerbaris Topsent, 1898 ).

Remarks. See the "Taxonomic remarks" section of Rhabdobaris implicata for further discussion and concerns about the morphological affinity of the herein restituted genus Rhabdobaris and members of the family Raspailiidae .