LUCANINAE Latreille, 1804,

Hielkema, Auke J. & Hielkema, Meindert A., 2019, An annotated checklist of the Scarabaeoidea (Insecta: Coleoptera) of the Guianas, Insecta Mundi 732 (732), pp. 1-306: 12

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LUCANINAE Latreille, 1804


LUCANINAE Latreille, 1804 

FIGULINI Burmeister, 1847

= Penichrolucanini Arrow, 1950 - Paulsen 2018: 2 (syn. nov.)

= Brasilucanini Nikolajev, 1999 - Paulsen 2018: 2 (syn. nov.)

Note. In their description of the genus Brasilucanus, Vulcano and Pereira (1961: 473)  place it within the tribe Penichrolucanini. Nikolajev (1999: 171) places it within the new monogeneric tribe Brasilucanini. Both these tribes are treated as synonyms of the subfamily Lucaninae  by Smith (2006: 155) and as synonyms of the tribe Lucanini  by Bouchard et al. (2011: 233, 235). The genus is again placed in the revived Penichrolucanini by Bartolozzi and Zilioli (2016: 123). Paulsen (2018: 2) considers Penichrolucanini as well as Brasilucanini to be synonyms of the tribe Figulini. We follow the latter opinion.