DYNASTINAE MacLeay, 1819,

Hielkema, Auke J. & Hielkema, Meindert A., 2019, An annotated checklist of the Scarabaeoidea (Insecta: Coleoptera) of the Guianas, Insecta Mundi 732 (732), pp. 1-306: 156

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DYNASTINAE MacLeay, 1819


DYNASTINAE MacLeay, 1819 

Key. Endrödi 1985a

Catalogues. Ponchel 2011 ( French Guiana); Dupuis 2016b ( French Guiana)

Note 1. According to Dechambre (1991: 123) and Moore et al. (2018b: 107), (all?) the neotypes of Dynastinae  created by Endrödi are invalid because they either remained in the author’s collection instead of in a scientific institute (contravening ICZN (1985: 159, 1999: 85) Article 75(d)(6)) / Article 75.3.7 and/or the absence of the older types was not well investigated (contravening Article 75(d)(3) / Article 75.3.4) and/or they violated one or more of the other conditions stipulated in Article 75 of the ICZN (1985: 157, 1999: 84).

Note 2. Due to the many recently described genera and species, the synopses and keys of Endrödi, especially those regarding the Cyclocephalini  , are now badly outdated and in need of a revision.

Note 3. Ratcliffe (1989) gives corrections of Endrödi (1985) and provides an overview of additional Neotropical species described through September 1988.