Phasia punctigera ( Townsend, 1891 )

Sun, Xuekui & Marshall, Stephen A., 2003, Systematics of Phasia Latreille (Diptera: Tachinidae), Zootaxa 276 (1), pp. 1-320: 138-141

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.276.1.1

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Phasia punctigera ( Townsend, 1891 )


3.5.9 Phasia punctigera ( Townsend, 1891)  

(Figures I­46, II­5.4)

Hyalomyia punctigera Townsend, 1891: 135   .

Phoranthella morrisoni Townsend, 1915: 23   , nomen nudum.

Phoranthella morrisoni Brooks, 1945: 673   (redescription).

Phoranthella punctigera: Sabrosky and Arnaud 1965: 970   (catalog).

Phasia punctigera: O’Hara and Wood 1998: 765   (new combination).


Body length: 4­7 mm.

MALE: HEAD. Head spherical or nearly so. Eyes separated by a distance as wide as single ocellus. Fronto­orbital plate black, silky grey pruinose. Frontal vitta black. Frontal vitta at base of antennae 1.7­2.0 times as wide as fronto­orbital plate anteriorly. Ocellar setae present but fine; outer vertical setae absent; inner vertical setae absent. Face black with grey pruinosity. Parafacial black with grey pruinosity, bare, nearly as wide as first flagellomere. Lower margin of face projecting, visible in profile, black with grey pruinosity. Vibrissa not differentiated; intervibrissal distance 1.1 times distance between vibrissa and eye on same side; facial ridge with bristles on lower than 1/4. Gena black with grey pruinosity; hairs white; height 0.1­0.12 times eye height. Lunule black and shining; sublunular bulla indistinct. Antenna black; first flagellomere 1.1 times as long as pedicel; arista thickened on basal 0.25. Length of oral opening 2­2.2 times its width. Occiput flattened, white pruinose; hairs black. Palpus black.

THORAX. Mesoscutum thinly pruinose, without black longitudinal vitta and fine black hairs. 0+0(1) acrostichal seta; 0+1 dorsocentral seta; 1­2 postpronotal setae; presutural supra­alar seta absent, or present, but fine (rarely); 1 postsutural intra­alar seta; 2 notopleural setae; 1 supra­alar seta; 2 postalar setae. Pleuron thinly grey pruinose; hairs black; scale­like hair absent. Anepimeral setae hair­like, black; 1 katepisternal seta; 6­8 meral setae. Scutellum black, shining, without pruinosity, with two pairs of marginal setae; apical setae present and distinct; discal setae randomly arranged, not in rows. Subscutellum not very prominent. WING. Lower calypter hyaline white. Wing base without scalelike setae. Tegula black. Basicosta black. Wing hyaline; petiole of apical cell 0.35­0.5 times as long as preceding section of R 4+5; M meeting R 4+5 almost at right angle. Halter brown. LEGS. Fore femur black (swollen); hairs black. Fore tibia black, without bristles, apically with 1 pv and 1 d. Fore tarus black. Fore claws brown, apex black; as long as fifth tarsomere. Pulvilli black. Mid femur black; hairs black. Mid tibia black, with 1 ad, 1 p and 1 v, apically with 1 ad, 1 av, 1 pv, 1 p, 1 v and 1 d. Hind femur swollen on 2/5 posteriorly, black; hairs black. Hind tibia strongly arched, distinctly shorter than hind femur, black, with 3­4 ad and 2­3 pd.

ABDOMEN. Abdominal tergites black; pruinosity present, but thin; longitudinal vitta absent. Relative length of abdominal tergites I+II:III:IV: V = 1.3:1:1:1.3; relative width I+II:III:IV: V = 0.5:1:1:0.7. Syntergite I+II shiny, not pruinose. Pruinosity of tergite III evenly. Pruinosity of tergites IV, V silvery; hair spots distinct. TERMINALIA. Syncercus V­notched posteriorly, not bent. Surstylus slightly bent dorsally, longer than cercus. Ejaculatory apodeme small, knob­like. Hypandrium longer than phallapodeme. Pregonite reduced, with two stout teeth. Postgonite short, as long as pregonite. Phallus slender, 1.3 times as long as hypandrium, not haired. Distiphallus well sclerotized.

FEMALE. Wing hyaline. Eyes touching. Anterior spine­like setae of hind tibia absent. Sternite V extremely long, longer than total length of previous sternites. Sternite VII (sheath) shorter than sternite VI, shovel­like, narrow apically, bent, apex directed ventrally, sternite VII with linear wrinkles ventrally, median area membranous. Ovipositor bent upward.


Phoranthella morrisoni Townsend.   Holotype ♀, [ USA], Georgia (USNM, No. 19139, examined).


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The type of Hyalomyia punctigera   was not located but the description fits this species better than any other. Phoranthella morrisoni Townsend   was erected for a specimen determined by Coquillett as Phorantha occidentis (Walker)   , but it remained undescribed until 1938 ( Brooks 1945: 673).


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Phasia punctigera ( Townsend, 1891 )

Sun, Xuekui & Marshall, Stephen A. 2003

Phasia punctigera: O’Hara and Wood 1998: 765

O'Hara, J. E. & Wood, D. M. 1998: 765

Phoranthella punctigera:

Sabrosky, C. W. & P. H. Arnaud, Jr. 1965: 970

Phoranthella morrisoni

Brooks, A. R. 1945: 673

Phoranthella morrisoni

Townsend, C. H. T. 1915: 23

Hyalomyia punctigera

Townsend, C. H. T. 1891: 135