Anthalona verrucosa ( Sars, 1901 )

CHATTERJEE, TAPAS, KOTOV, ALEXEY A., DAMME, KAY VAN, CHANDRASEKHAR, S. V. A. & PADHYE, SAMEER, 2013, An annotated checklist of the Cladocera (Crustacea: Branchiopoda) from India, Zootaxa 3667 (1), pp. 1-89: 40-41

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Anthalona verrucosa ( Sars, 1901 )

(80) Anthalona verrucosa ( Sars, 1901)

Indian records. Gujarat — Petkovski (1966); Jammu & Kashmir— Raina & Vass (1993); Kerala —Michael & Sharma B.K. (1988), Subhash Babu & Nayar (2004), Subhash Babu & Thomas (2007); Maharashtra — Rane (2002); Manipur —Sharma B.K. & Sharma S. (2009); Rajasthan — Nayar (1971), Venkataraman (1990b), Michael & Sharma B.K. (1988); Tamil Nadu —Michael & Sharma B.K. (1988), Venkataraman (1995a); Uttarakhand – Michael & Sharma B.K. (1988); Tripura — Venkataraman & Das (2000); West Bengal — Venkataraman & Nandi (1997), Venkataraman et al. (2000), Venkataraman & Das (2001), Datta (2011); General record— Fernando & Kanduru (1984); Sharma B.K. & Michael (1987), Murugan et al. (1998); Raghunathan & Suresh Kumar (2003).

Remarks. Valid species described from Brazil ( Sars 1901) and redescribed in Sinev & Hollwedel (2002) and Van Damme et al. (2011a). A. verrucosa Sars, 1901   was in fact a junior homonym of A. verrucosa Lutz, 1878   , but the former was retained for stability ( Johnson 1956a; Van Damme et al. 2010a). A. verrucosa   and related species have been placed into a separate genus now, Anthalona Van Damme, Sinev & Dumont, 2011   ( Van Damme et al. 2011a). Oriental populations ( Idris 1983; Michael & Sharma B.K. 1988; Maiphae et al. 2005) need to be revised; several new species, formerly known as “ A. verrucosa   ”, have recently been described from the region and more can be expected ( Sinev & Kotov 2012; Van Damme et al. 2011b).

Distribution. Circumtropical genus (with one species in the Mediterranean; Van Damme et al. 2011a). but Anthalona verrucosa   s.str. is limited to the Neotropics. Indian records should be revised, as Anthalona harti Van Damme, Sinev & Dumont 2011   , described from Africa, apparently occurs in Thailand, besides another species that was recently described, A. sanoamuangae   (see Sinev & Kotov 2012). In the region, even more undescribed species are present. It could be that the Indian record of Anthalona verrucosa could actually be Anthalona harti   , yet more than one species of this group can be expected here.

Alona verrucosa pseudoverrucosa   , see A. pseudoverrucosa  

Alonopsis aureolata Doolitle, 1913  

Indian records. Assam — Biswas (1980); General record— Raghunathan & Suresh Kumar (2003).

Remarks. Very dubious record. Alonopsis aureolata   was described from the U.S.A. (Doolitle 1913). This is a valid species, distributed in the Nearctic zone and absent in the Oriental zone ( Smirnov 1971).

Alonopsis elongatus (Sars, 1862)  

Indian records. Assam — Biswas (1980); Kashmir— Yousuf et al. (1984); General record— Raghunathan & Suresh Kumar (2003).

Remarks. Very dubious record. Acroperus elongatus   , now Alonopsis elongata   , was described from Norway ( Sars 1862a). It is distributed in the Palaearctic ( Smirnov 1971) and tropical records are unrealistic. Specimens described by Biswas (1980) apparently belong to the harpae   - angustatus   group of Acroperus   , not to the genus Alonopsis   . Raghunathan & Suresh Kumar (2003) listed “ Alonapsis elongate ”, with two misspellings.

Biapertura   —as a genus name, not presently used—see Van Damme et al. (2010)

Biapertura affinis   , see Alona affinis  

Biapertura intermedia   , see Alona intermedia  

Biapertura intermedia minor   , see Alona intermedia minor  

Biapertura karua   , see Karualona karua  

Biapertura kwangsiensis   , see Karualona kwangsiensis  

Biapertura verrucosa   , see Anthalona verrucosa  

Biapertura verrucosa pseudoverrucosa   , see Alona verrucosa pseudoverrucosa