Echiniscus marleyi, Li, 2007

Li, Xiaochen, 2007, Tardigrades from the Tsinling Mountains, central China with descriptions of two new species of Echiniscidae (Tardigrada), Journal of Natural History 41 (41 - 44), pp. 2719-2739: 2722-2725

publication ID 10.1080/00222930701711046

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scientific name

Echiniscus marleyi

sp. n.

Echiniscus marleyi   sp. n.

( Figures 1 View Figure 1 , 2 View Figure 2 ; Table II)

Material examined

Holotype (adult female; slide no. MT0610009), seven paratypes (six adult females and one adult male; slide nos MT0610001 MT0610006, MT0610008) were collected from Mount Taibai (33 ° 5922.010N, 107 ° 45944.300E) at 3700 m above sea level. The specimens are deposited at the College of Life Sciences, Shaanxi Normal University, P. R. China.  

Description of the holotype

Measurements are provided in Table II. Colour red. Eyed. Cuticular sculpture composed of many small round or polygonal projections (see Figure 1a View Figure 1 ). The biggest granule with a diameter of 1.8 mm. Ventral side smooth except the area beside the gonopore with many small pores. Cephalic appendages include internal buccal cirrus, cephalic papilla, external buccal cirrus, cirrus A, and clava; lateral and dorsal appendages consist of filaments D, C d and spine D d. Armour consists of single cephalic plate, scapular plate, first single median plate, first paired-plates, second median plate, second paired-plates, and terminal plate; third median plate absent, terminal plate with normal notches; two paired-plates with smooth bands. The fourth pair of legs with dentate collar containing six or seven teeth. Papilla-like projection present on the lateral surface of the fourth pair of legs, teeth present on the first pair of legs. Lateral side of each leg with many small granules (see Figures 1a, b View Figure 1 , 2a View Figure 2 ). Spurs that pointed towards the base of the claw present on the internal two claws on all legs; three short teeth present on the external claws near the base on hind legs, a small tooth also present on the external claws near the base on third pair of legs (see Figure 2b, c View Figure 2 ).

Eggs smooth, 98.9 mm long, 83.2 mm wide. Laid in exuviae.


This species is dedicated to Mr Nigel Marley, School of Biological Sciences, University of Plymouth, UK.


This new species differs from E. canadensis Murray   in having filaments D; it differs from E. mediantus Marcus   in lacking filaments C but in having filaments D; it differs from E. spinulosus (Doyère)   in lacking teeth B, C, E, and in having filaments D instead of teeth D.


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