Ceralocyna variegata Monné and Napp, 1999, Monne and Napp, 1999

Clarke, Robin & Zamalloa, Sonia, 2018, Bolivian anthophilous Cerambycinae (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) host flower records, Insecta Mundi 2018 (640), pp. 1-35: 23

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Ceralocyna variegata Monné and Napp, 1999


Ceralocyna variegata Monné and Napp, 1999  

Dept. Santa Cruz. 17°29′96″S/ 63°39′13″W, 430 m, 5 km SSE of Buena Vista, Hotel Flora and Fauna: on/flying to flowers of “ Red Powder Puff ”, male, 4.VII.2005 ( RCSZ)   ; on/flying to flowers of “ Barbasquillo ”, 2 females, 12+ 18.VIII.2005 ( RCSZ); on/flying to flowers of “Turere”, female, 7.X.2005 ( RCSZ)   .

Remarks. In all these specimens the legs are entirely black; the vermillion areas dark (the sides of prothorax inconspicuously so); but in both sexes the form of the genae and most of the other characters correspond to the original description.