Margattea Shelford, 1911, Shelford, 1911

Wang, Zong-Qing, Che, Yan-Li & Wang, Jin-Jun, 2009, Taxonomy of Margattea Shelford, 1911 from China (Dictyoptera: Blattaria: Blattellidae), Zootaxa 1974, pp. 51-63: 52

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.185116

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Margattea Shelford, 1911


Genus Margattea Shelford, 1911  

Margattea Shelford, 1911   , Ent. Mon. Mag., 47, p. 155

Kuching Hebard, 1929, Proc. Ac. Nat. Sci. Philadelphia, 81, pp. 39, 41 Theganosilpha Kumar and Princis, 1978   , Sys. Entomol., 3: pp. 19–34 Margattea Shelford, 1911   , Roth, 2003, Oriental Ins., 37:pp. 1–186

This generic diagnosis is mainly based on the description made by Roth 1990. Maxillary palps usually with segments 3 and 4 longer than the 5 th. Tegmina and wings fully developed or variably reduced; wings rarely absent, if fully developed, with discoidal and median veins simple, subcosta and costal veins clubbed or thickened distad, cubitus vein straight or weakly curved, with 1–4 complete branches, no incomplete branches, apical triangle small. Male abdominal terga unspecialized, or with the eighth tergum specialized (with a group of setae near the posteromedian margin of eighth tergum). The femur TypeB 2 or TypeB 3, rarely TypeC 2, indicating the number of spines on the antero-ventral margin of the front femur. Tarsal claws symmetrical with inner margins generally denticulate, arolia present. Supra-anal plate usually short, transverse, with mid of hind margin weakly concave, paraproct plate of male usually simple. Male subgenital plate symmetrical or slightly asymmetrical, styli simple, generally similar. Male genitalia with hook-like phallomere on the right; median phallomere may have an associated sclerite, sometimes with setal brushes.