Margattea concava, Wang, Zong-Qing, Che, Yan-Li & Wang, Jin-Jun, 2009

Wang, Zong-Qing, Che, Yan-Li & Wang, Jin-Jun, 2009, Taxonomy of Margattea Shelford, 1911 from China (Dictyoptera: Blattaria: Blattellidae), Zootaxa 1974, pp. 51-63: 58

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.185116

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Margattea concava

sp. nov.

Margattea concava   , sp. nov.

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Description. Pronotum length width, 2.5 3mm; tegmen length, 12mm; overall length, 13mm.

Yellowish brown. Head with reddish brown band on vertex, face with two reddish brown bands between the ocelli and antennae, respectively. Pronotal disk pale brown with dark brown spots and maculae as fig. 25.

Interocular space less than the half distance between the antennae, the third segment slightly shorter than the fourth, both longer than the fifth segment. Pronotum subelliptical. Tegmina and wings fully developed, extending well beyond the end of the abdomen; wings with subcosta and costal veins clubbed on distal halves, median vein simple, cubitus vein with 4 complete branches, apical triangular small. The front femur Type B 2, tarsal claws with subobsolete denticles on ventral margins. The eighth tergum specialized with a group of setae near the posteromedian margin.

Supra-anal plate symmetrical, transverse. Subgenital plate symmetrical, interstylar margin concave, styli small, fingerlike. Left phallomere small, without spine-like processes; median phallomere slender with dentate process on distal portion, two accessory sclerites present, one with apical acute, the other longer, curved and with some spine-like processes on apical portion; right phallomere small, but hook-like portion longer than other species in the genus, apical acute;

Holotype: male, China: Hainan province: Jianfeng Mountain, 28.vii. 1983, Coll. He Jian-Lan. Paratype: 1 male, China: Hainan province: Jianfeng Mountain, 7.vii. 1981, Coll. He Guo-Feng.

Comments: This species differs from all other species by interstylar margin concave.

Etymology: The species name is derived from the Latin word concavu s, referring to the subgenital plate with interstylar margin concave.

Distribution: China: Hainan province.