Lithobius, Chamberlin, 1952

Simaiakis, Stylianos Michail, Zapparoli, Marzio, Minelli, Alessandro & Bonato, Lucio, 2013, The centipede fauna (Chilopoda) of the island of Cyprus, with one new lithobiomorph species, Zootaxa 3647 (2), pp. 279-306: 288-289

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* Lithobius   (Ezembius) zeylanus (Chamberlin, 1952)

Material examined: 5 3, 4 ƤƤ.

Sites: 122, 152 ( Fig. 9 View FIGURE 9 ).

General distribution. West Asia: Cyprus, Israel, Turkey (Zapparoli 1999; Negrea 2005).

Chorotype. East Mediterranean.

Habitats. Under Eucalyptus   logs, in soil covered by Populus   leaf-litter, in mixed forest with Pinus   , Quercus   and Acer   .

Altitudinal range: 920–1100 m.

Remarks. The species was described by Chamberlin (1952) from south Turkey, and attributed to a new genus, Archeobius Chamberlin, 1952. The specimens examined agree with the scanty original description by Chamberlin (1952), unpublished specimens from Turkey examined by MZ and the morphological notes given by Negrea (2005) on materials from Palestine.