Cis Latreille, 1796,

Lawrence, John F., 2019, The Australian Ciidae (Coleoptera: Tenebrionoidea): supplement, Zootaxa 4555 (4), pp. 451-490: 452

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Cis Latreille, 1796


Cis Latreille, 1796 

Seven of the species described below belong to the Cis pacificus  group: Cis bicolorellus  sp. nov., C. christmasensis  sp. nov., C. densus  sp. nov., C. howensis  sp. nov., C. latemarginatus  sp. nov., C. macilentus  sp. nov., C. pycnostictus  sp. nov..These have an oblong to somewhat elongate body, very fine dorsal vestiture, dual elytral punctation, carinate prosternum, and usually a vertexal sex patch in the male and simple anterior pronotal edge in both sexes. This group includes a number of species distributed throughout Southeast Asia, and the East Indies to New Guinea, Australia, New Caledonia and the Pacific and west at least to the Seychelles. In addition, there is a single species, Cis apodemus  , sp. nov., in the Cis compressicornis  group, which also includes Cis compressicornis Fairmaire  ( Fiji), Cis solomonensis Blair  (New Guinea) and several undescribed species from Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, New Guinea and the Pacific. The Cis multidentatus  group is represented by C. rhaibocerus  sp. nov. and the Cis literatus  group by C. brachytrichus  sp. nov. The remaining four new species, C. depressus  sp. nov., C. incomptus  sp. nov., C. occidentalis  sp. nov and C. prominens  sp. nov., are not clearly aligned to previously recognised species groups.