Herbertus norenus D.G.Long, D.Bell et H.H.Blom,

Söderström, Lars, Hagborg, Anders & Konrat, Matt Von, 2014, Early Land Plants Today: Index of Liverworts & Hornworts 2011 - 2012, Phytotaxa 170 (2), pp. 61-85 : 69

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/phytotaxa.170.2.1



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Herbertus norenus D.G.Long, D.Bell et H.H.Blom,


Herbertus norenus D.G.Long, D.Bell et H.H.Blom,

Molec. Ecol. Res. 12: 44, 2012 (see Bell et al. 2012).

TYPE: “ Holotype: Norway, Rogaland, Forsand Parish, S side of Lysefjord, ravine, Giskasetet , 58º59′58.4″N, 06º18′49.5″E, N-facing ravine with large waterfall, on cliff ledge with Breutelia and Sphagnum denticulatum , 5 m, 9 September 2008, D.G. Long 38081 (with G.P. Rothero, D.S. Rycroft & H.H. Blom) (E). GenBank accessions JN113442 View Materials , JN113483 View Materials , JN113558 View Materials , JN113519 View Materials ; BOLD ID HERB026-11 GoogleMaps .

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