Hymenolepididae Ariola,

Santos, Cláudia Portes & Gibson, David I., 2015, Checklist of the Helminth Parasites of South American Bats, Zootaxa 3937 (3), pp. 471-499: 477

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Hymenolepididae Ariola


Family Hymenolepididae Ariola 

The life-cycle of hymenolepidids is similar to that of anoplocephalds, with transmission occurring via the ingestion of cysticercoid larvae in fleas and other insects.

1. Rostellum unarmed; testes separated into two groups by ovary................................ Hymenolepis Weinland  Species: H. dasypteri Vaucher, 1985  ; Hymenolepis  sp.

- Rostellum armed; testes not separated into two groups by ovary................................ Vampirolepis Spasskii  Species: V. artibei Zdzitowiecki & Rutkowska, 1980  ; V. bihamata Sawada & Harada, 1986  ; V. c r a s s ih a m a t a Sawada & Harada, 1986; V. christensoni  (Macy, 1931 (a)); V. d e c ip i e n s ( Diesing, 1850); V. elongata Rêgo, 1962  ; V. guarany Rêgo, 1962  ; V. longisaccata Sawada & Harada, 1986  ; V. mazanensis  (Vaucher, 1986 (b)); V. pandonensis Sawada & Harada, 1986  ; V. phyllostomi Vaucher, 1982  (b); V. promopsis  (Vaucher, 1986 (a)); V. santacruzensis Sawada & Harada, 1986  ; V. temmincki  (Vaucher, 1986 (a)); Vampirolepis  sp.