Anaxius Fåhraeus, 1870,

Kamiński, Marcin J. & Schoeman, Colin S., 2018, Taxonomic revision of a darkling beetles genus Anaxius (Tenebrionidae: Pedinini: Helopinina), Zootaxa 4455 (3), pp. 471-485: 472

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Anaxius Fåhraeus, 1870


Genus Anaxius Fåhraeus, 1870 

Anaxius Fåhraeus, 1870: 307  .- Koch 1958: 208.

Type species. Anaxius obesus Fåhraeus, 1870  ; by monotypy.

Diagnosis. According to Koch’s (1958) hypothesis, this genus is close to Aptila Fåhraeus, 1870  and Asidodema Koch, 1958  based on pronotal shape (subparallel sided; flat disc) and male terminalia (relatively short tegmen; clavae as large as penis). All three genera were previously classified within a single subtribe Aptilina. From Aptila  and Asidodema, Anaxius  can be distinguished by having widened protarsi and the apical segment of the maxillary palpus enlarged in males. Moreover, it differs from Aptila  by the lack of scale-like vestiture on the upper surface of the body, while the relatively reduced prosternum differentiates it from Asidodema  (see Koch 1958).

Species included (7). bloubergensis  sp. nov., campbellae Koch, 1958  , limpopoensis  sp. nov., meletsensis  sp. nov., obesus Fåhraeus, 1870  , prozeskyi Koch, 1958  , pseudoloensus  sp. nov.

Distribution. Representatives of this genus have been collected in the following ecoregions of Namibia, Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe ( Fig. 5View FIGURE 5): Drakensberg montane grasslands, woodlands, and forests; Highveld grasslands; Kalahari xeric savanna; Southern Africa bushveld; and Southern Miombo woodlands.

Anaxius  was recorded from localities distributed between 874 and 1544 meters in elevation ( Fig. 6View FIGURE 6).

Note. During the present investigation 49 Anaxius  specimens were studied. Among this number a total of three females was identified. Because of this the following key includes only the male morphology.












Anaxius Fåhraeus, 1870

Kamiński, Marcin J. & Schoeman, Colin S. 2018

Anaxius Fåhraeus, 1870 : 307

Fåhraeus, 1870 : 307
Koch 1958 : 208