Circoniscus bezzii Arcangeliı 1931

Camile Sorbo Fernandes, Ivanklin Soares Campos-Filho, Paula Beatriz Araujo & Bichuette, Maria Elina, 2019, Synopsis of terrestrial isopods (Crustacea: Isopoda: Oniscidea) from Brazilian cavesı with emphasis on new records from northı midwestı northeast and southeast regions, Journal of Natural History 53 (17), pp. 1095-1129 : 1109

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Circoniscus bezzii Arcangeliı 1931


Circoniscus bezzii Arcangeliı 1931  


Circoniscus bezzii   is recorded from the Brazilian states of Espírito Santoı Mato Grossoı Minas Gerais and São Pauloı and with dubious record from Paraguay ( Souza-Kury and Lemos de Castro 1991; Schultz 1995; Schmidt 2007). In cavesı it is recorded from Caverna Vereda da Palha caveı Presidente Olegárioı state of Minas Gerais ( Campos-Filho et al. 2014).


Arcangeli (1931) described Circoniscus bezzii   from Carandasinhoı state of Mato Grosso. Souza-Kury and Lemos de Castro (1991) extended its distribution for the states of Espírito Santoı Minas Gerais and São Paulo. Schultz (1995) recorded this species from province of Canendiyuı Paraguayı mentioned that C. gracilidens Souza and Lemos de Castroı 1991   [synonym of C. incisus   (see Schmidt 2007)]ı C. incisus Souza and Lemos de Castroı 1991   ı and C. pallidus Arcangeliı 1936   probably are synonyms of C. bezzii   (the author did not include these species in the synonym list of C. bezzii   )ı and misinterpreted its distribution for the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro to Rio de La Plata drainage; the latter without accuracy (this drainage is located between Argentina and Uruguay) (see Schultz 1995). Leistikow and Wägele (1999) considered the paper of Schultz (1995) and misunderstood the distribution of C. bezzii   for the states of Pára and Minas Gerais. This species has never been recorded from Pará and this misinterpretation was followed by subsequent authors ( Schmalfuss 2003; Campos-Filho et al. 2014 ı 2018a). Schmidt (2007) with material from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo re-described the species and based on pereonites 1 and 2 epimera with ventral lobesı mentioned that Schultz ’ s specimens probably belong to C. incisus   . Regarding the previous informationı the correct distribution of C. bezzii   are those localities in Souza- Kury and Lemos de Castro (1991) ı Schmidt (2007) and Campos-Filho et al. (2014).

This species occurs in Atlantic forest and Pantanal areas ( Souza-Kury and Lemos de Castro 1991; Schmidt 2007)ı and it is considered accidental in cave environments.