Gobius sp. aff. rubropunctatus

Peter Wirtz, Carlos Eduardo L. Ferreira, Sergio R. Floeter, Ronald Fricke, Joao Luiz Gasparini, Tomio Iwamoto, Luiz Rocha, Claud, 2007, Coastal Fishes of Sao Tome and Principe islands, Gulf of Guinea (Eastern Atlantic Ocean) - an update., Zootaxa 1523, pp. 1-48: 18

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Gobius sp. aff. rubropunctatus


Gobius sp. aff. rubropunctatus  ZBK  Delais, 1951

ZSM 34187 (1 specimen), on white sand in 3 m depth, Ilhéu das Cabras, São Tomé; ZSM 34731 (2 specimens), north coast of Principe Island. SMNS 24246 (3 specimens) from Bom Bom Islet; ZSM 34729 (1 specimen) from Lagoa Azul. This species is close to G. rubropunctatus  ZBK  but differs in details of the head sensory papillae pattern and possibly represents a new species. However, identification depends on inspection of typematerial of G. rubropunctatus  ZBK  and G. senegambiensis  ZBK  . This is a common species on soft bottoms at Príncipe and São Tomé, from about 5 m downwards. Territorial males are darker than females (Figure 19 and 20). A photograph of a male of this species is given in Wirtz (2005a) under the name Thorogobius angolanus  .