Eurycorypha varia Brunner

Hemp, Claudia, 2013, Annotated list of Ensifera (Orthoptera) and further records on Caelifera (Orthoptera) of Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Zootaxa 3613 (4), pp. 301-342: 328

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Eurycorypha varia Brunner


Eurycorypha varia Brunner  v. Wattenwyl, 1891

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Distribution. Sudan (Werner in Sjöstedt 1909); East Africa, including Turkana (Chopard 1954).

Described from Kilimanjaro by Brunner v. Wattenwyl (1891) and recorded again by Sjöstedt (1909).

Ecology and biology. Hemp et al. 2010 d & 2013. Adults in January (Sjöstedt 1909). Males attracted to light (Chopard & Kevan 1954). Adults found from September to April. Many nymphs in December. Feeding on Agauria salicifolia  at the lower border of the montane forest at the southern slopes. In captivity feeding on Morus  sp. and Rubus  sp.

Habitat. Thorn bush country (Chopard & Kevan 1954). Plantation belt SW-Kilimanjaro (Sjöstedt 1909). Hemp C. 2005. Submontane and montane coffee-banana plantations, submontane and montane forest on Mt Kilimanjaro.

Song. Hemp et al., 2013. A complex  song with combinations of soft and loud parts. The female responds to the male song.

Chromosomes: Hemp et al. 2010 d; Hemp et al., 2013.

Altitudinal range at Mt Kilimanjaro: 1000–1400 – 1700–2200 m.

Records: 14