Gymnotus carapo group

dos Santos, Sergio Alexandre & de Britto, Marcelo Ribeiro, 2021, The ichthyofauna of a poorly known area in the middle-southern Espinhaco mountain range, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil: diagnostics and identification keys, ZooKeys 1054, pp. 25-66 : 25

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Gymnotus carapo group


Gymnotus carapo group

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Upper rio Paraúna, rio São Francisco basin, and upper rio Santo Antônio, rio Doce basin.


Gymnotus carapo group is diagnosed by having the mouth upturned, pronate; rictus curved ventrally; eyes positioned below half of median line of the head; branchial opening throughout the posterior margin of opercle; oblique and conspicuous dark bands in the lateral of the body, from dorsal region to ventral surface of preanal; longitudinal band reaching the base of the anal fin.


Although G. carapo is widespread from Trinidad and Tobago to Argentina, in this study we refer the species as G. carapo group, since the taxonomic status of G. carapo is uncertain for the Southeastern and Southern Brazil and may represent more than one species. A taxonomic review of the G. carapo group in Central and South America is needed.