Pheidole punctithorax Borgmeier

Wilson, E. O., 2003, Pheidole in the New World. A dominant, hyperdiverse ant genus., Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, pp. -1--1: 342

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Pheidole punctithorax Borgmeier


Pheidole punctithorax Borgmeier  HNS 

Pheidole punctithorax Borgmeier  HNS  1929: 210.

Types Mus. Zool. Univ. Sao Paulo.

Etymology l punctithorax  HNS  , punctate chest, evidently referring to the wholly foveolate mesosomas of both castes.

diagnosis A member of the " jujuyensis  HNS  complex" of the larger fallax  HNS  group, comprising araneoides  HNS  , cuevasi  HNS  , durionei  HNS  , jujuyensis  HNS  , kugleri  HNS  , leonina  HNS  , leptina  HNS  , lucretii  HNS  , lupus  HNS  , paraensis  HNS  , punctithorax  HNS  , tijucana  HNS  , wallacei  HNS  , and wolfringi  HNS  , which complex is characterized by slender body form and exceptionally long scapes and petiolar pedicel; also in the major by a proportionately small head; and in the minor by a strongly developed nuchal collar. P. punctithorax  HNS  is distinguished as follows.

Major: pilosity sparse; occiput narrowed so that its width in full face is much less than that of the clypeus; a loose, large-celled rugoreticulum is limited to the space mesad to the eyes and forward of it; the humerus and petiolar node are subangulate; all of the occiput, mesosoma, and waist are foveolate and opaque; anterior third of first gastral tergite is shagreened and opaque. Minor: all of mesosoma and waist, as well as a strip running from the eye to the occiput, foveolate and opaque; neck only moderately narrowed. Major and minor: reddish brown.

Measurements (mm) Holotype major: HW 1.24, HL 1.32, SL (antennae missing), EL 0.22, PW 0.64.

Paratype minor not measured.

color Major: concolorous medium reddish brown.

Minor: gaster light reddish brown, rest of body and appendages medium reddish brown.

Range Known only from the type locality.

Biology Unknown.

figure Upper: holotype, major (antennae missing from specimen). Lower: paratype, minor. BRAZIL: Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro. Scale bars = 1 mm.