Entosphenus tridentatus (Richardson, 1837)

Love, Milton S., Bizzarro, Joseph J., Cornthwaite, Maria, Frable, Benjamin W. & Maslenikov, Katherine P., 2021, Checklist of marine and estuarine fishes from the Alaska-Yukon Border, Beaufort Sea, to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Zootaxa 5053 (1), pp. 1-285: 12

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Entosphenus tridentatus (Richardson, 1837)


Entosphenus tridentatus (Richardson, 1837)   .

Pacific Lamprey. To 85 cm (33.5 in) TL ( Orlov et al. 2008b). Honshu ( Orlov et al. 2008b), and Hokkaido, Japan (Nakabo in Nakabo 2002); eastern Chukchi Sea (Mecklenburg et al. 2002), and Bering Sea to Punta Canoas, northern Baja California ( Miller and Lea 1972), and likely to Isla Clarión, and Islas Revillagigedo, Mexico ( Renaud 2008). Southernmost freshwater occurrence is currently in the Big Sur River, central California ( Reid and Goodman 2016). Depth: at sea, near surface to 1,508 m (4,946 ft) (min.: Eschmeyer and Herald 1983; max.: Hoff and Britt 2003). Anadromous, may be found at sea, often far offshore, any time of the year. Previously as Lampetra tridentata (Richardson, 1836)   . The author of the species description is sometimes given as Gairdner, or Gairdner in Richardson, but authorship evidently is correct as Richardson, or Richardson (ex Gairdner) ( Eschmeyer 1998 and online edition 8 November 2004).